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Talkback: Modern mums use web to stay connected


  • That just cheered me up! Lol image I'm having fun finding my feet with internet,only just learned how to switch it on in last 4 months!!!!!!

    Now i send e-mails(with attachments) all the time! Check me out!!! image

    I am a full time housewife/mum/domestic slave as we call it in this house! And yes other mums tales of woe cheer me up and god when your ironing pile reaches 5ft3 you need it!!!

  • the internet is my lifeline(how sad is that??)

    I have made loads of online friends since being a SAHM.
  • i love my internet , it is my social outlet to the world . Im a full time housewife and  mummy to my son dylan and house-elfing is a far more busy, time consuming and stressfull job than when i worked 90 hours a week as a head chef in charge of a brigade of 15. image

    I can cheer myself up with reading stories of glory and totall disaster of family life and parenting and compare it to my family -like my latest dellemar - how can i get my toddler toilet trained when my husband still cant hit the toilet basin and leaves physicall eveidents in his underwear ? how much informaton about how dylan got here ? is too much information , and will i get into trouble wth other parents at nursary for being truthfull and he tells them what mummy has said - NO Cabbage Patch , Stork- you mean i came out of your vajay jay !!!!!!!!!!!!imageimage

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