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Talkback: Should you rush to your baby when she cries?


  • Couldn't agree more Gemma.

    Do exactly the same in this house. If it's a distress cry I'm there if it's whingey I'll leave it,I find my boys can get too overwhelmed and need to calm down by themselves.

  • i did this with jacks and it worked a treat, whereas lolas perfected this blood curdling scream that she does immeadiatly she wakes up unless its morning, its horrible and she does it when theres nothing wrong at all, but its scary, were having real trouble with this one!
  • Oh Laura Jc is difficult too!!!! He screams from not gettin his own way tho.

    I'm sure 2nd babies perfect the art of scaring us-especially if we've had an'easy first born'!!!!

  • yup,

    i have a little lola thumb print on my forehead, jacks my angel and lola well i dont know, i keep trying maybe well get there one day, if not her 16th birthday presents and eviction notice lol x

  • Lol!image yes one day!

    I always say we'll have mensa knock the door for Tom,and the police for Joseff!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sounds about right for my two, jacks just so quiet easy to keep happy, he can get really cross but i can always understand why, whereas lola its like she waiting for me and daddy to drop the ball and shes off breaking routine being a little madam!
  • I try and take each occasion on its own merits. It isn't always easy but I do allow my daughter to cry, particularly when going down for naps or if she wakes up midway through nap time. Often she will soothe herself but there are definitely occasions when she's playing a game and others when she is genuinely distressed. Each time is different, but generally I don't think allowing her to cry is really doing her any harm.
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