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Talkback: Tory MP says pregnancy benefits are a waste


  • totally agree, what an idiot!!!!!!!!!!! so many familys couldnt survive without these
  • Don't care if it is a gimmick.Thankyou very much Gordon.Gimmicks welcome in our house.

    Who is this MP?How much does he earn a year,and who pays him?Does he live in the real world.

    We got by before such "gimmicks" and we would without,but things are expensive these days.People with a lot more spare cash than most of us are claiming much more than £190 for a lot more trivial things than having a baby.

    This is a benefit for everyone,irrespective of income.If you can't appreciate the difference that makes you obviously wouldn't need it.

  • well said jo xx

  • Who is this MP????? What planet is he on?

    Sorry if mum-to-be cost the government money,like mps spends over last few weeks are they sorry to the tax payer-NO.

    This loon wants to spend some time leading a normal life.Idiot

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