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Talkback: Bid to ban smoking whilst driving children


  • there should definitely be a ban and a big hefty fine, our babys lungs should be looked after not polluted, i dont know why anyone would do it. i saw 2 young people getting out of a car the other day both smoking and a little baby in the back its negligence xx
  • While our parents and grandparents could claim ignorance about the dangers of secondhand smoke to their children,there is no excuse for such selfish behaviour nowadays.Most of us would put our children first and either smoke well away from their kids at the very least if not quit altogether,but to smoke in such a confined space is nothing short of selfish and negligent.

    A government ban however probably has little to do with an interest in the health of our children,more a tax on the stupid.I wonder how effective it would be anyway,how many children of various ages do you see loose in a car or in inappropriate restraints?How long have those laws  been in place?

    If a fine would stop one parent lighting up and think about their actions it would be worth it though.

  • it drives me crazy enough seeing someone push a pram whilst smoking, i really have very little tollerance of smoking at all let alone around children, buut jos right i see numerous people letting there kids climb around whilst driving i even saw 5 children climb out of a ford focus last week!!! noone stops them these people never get caught and also they never seem to have the bad consequences happen to them!
  • Of course it should be banned! In fact no self respecting parent would smoke with their children in the car or other enclosed space, and the ones who do should be fined!
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