Talkback: iCandy Peach sneak preview!


  • I don't like it.I like big wheels,not diddy little shopping trolley wheels.Can't see the advantage over the pear
  • Oh my lord I think I need the Pear!!!! just checked out the peach,which looks good but the pear is loads better-Phil&Ted might have just slipped out of pole position for me.

    Laura,have read your review and as I have sml age gap wondered if you ever looked at P&T as a double option?

    I probably favour P&T as afriend has 1 and I've never seen anyone with the pear. My boys are both big for their age,are the seats roomy? God I've got something else to drool over now,I've moved on from being a tart-I am officially a pushchair slut!!!

  • love love love my pear! jacks tall (atlast) and he is comfortable in the front seat, he hasnt been in the back for ages as lola sleeps more i put her in the back so the front seat isnt reclined in jacks face iykwim. its not a problem for long legs as my sister just put hers in the basket when she went in, she was 3 and quite happy! its if theyre tall bodied there head will be squashed as the hoods level with the top of the seat which peeves me a little as they could add so much room!

    I wouldnt touch the p+t, but only because couldnt bear putting my newborn hidden away, and also both kids sleep for 1hr + whenever we are out so need to be reclined. and no basket when you have two toddlers, no use for my shopping addiction. also dont drive so needed a carseat on mine too for when i get lifts/taxi.

    I have a had a nosey around a vibe for when jack starts playgroup, im not a fan of buggyboards made my arms ache pushing round him!. if andrew would let me id have a vibe for once lolas nearing two, as i cant imagine my icandy being much fun to push with two chunks in! icandys very much love or hate. you need to have a play try the children in it etc and tbh wouldnt recomend it if you drive alot, i avoid folding mine, its easy but hard work 2 seats pip frame main frame etc. luckily i walk everyhere and have a lobby i leave it up in, its perfect for me and the kids are happy, couldnt ask for more.

    really dissapointed in the peach, was hoping for something to drool after but theyve tried making it pretty and ruined it, kids are far far closer together and seem 'on top' of one another, which once you see a pear for real they arent as much as the pics show! and i totally agree about the wheels jo, when i brought my pear it was explained i had the two double wheels on the front for stability safety etc and i was to not use the apple ones, which are larger than the peach one! overall im flabbergasted as to hat theyre doing, why why why but a peach for more money when the pears parent facing has many more seat combinations (20) and its cheaper?!

  • Thanks for that Laura,I probably dont drive that much but wouldnt have room indoors to leave it up permanent.

    Also noticed on net last nite,you cant actually buy over net,you have to go to stockist,and 1 review said some places that say they stock accessories actually dont.Weird. Mm P&T worries me soley for the fact of restricted view of baby underneath seat,and no hood!

    Also never having had pneumatic tyres I doubt I'd get on with having to pump them up if I got a puncture!!!! The pear doesn't have them does it? Bet they provide a much smoother ride but sadly I live in an area where glass and broken bottles are everywhereimage Perhaps I should move house!!!!!!

  • pears rear wheels are airfills, ive never had a flat and living in town centre practically, im walking through bottles alot usually monday morning lol, never had a puncture, filled them with dr sludge just in case tho, i fold mine when i know im not using it a fw days and it packs inside itself nicely, its a buggy you have to learn about, i might be lazy i never even fold my stroller lol!
  • forgot to add, when i brought mine, i had to state what i wanted over the phone they ordered it all in for me to see with no obligation to buy, might have just had a nice shop though, ebay get them up ALOT far cheaper than mine, i have complete pear package with carry cot carsear and both carseat adaptors as extras then the buggysnuggles and solarshades we worked out wed payed over £1000!!! ebay had everything you need for toddler and newborn last week went for £399 me nd andrew watch them as im interested to see what mine will fetch one day, if i dont kill it first, its used so so much, worth every penny for us and andrew can be like scrooge and he agrees lol!
  • No I wouldn't fold anything if I had the room!image Would save time in the mornings! Oh right,shows how stupid I am,thought I'd get a flat first trip out!!!!

    I shouldn't even be looking at pushchairs,but I just cant help it!

  • that just puzzled me, we posted at the same time, i shouldnt be looking at buggies at all, ive only just convinced him to cancell the snip, and my consultants told me for my safety a minimum of 3yr wait so i must must behave!
  • He was going for the snip???? No!!! You guys are way too young.

    Why are they weird about pushchair purchase when if there was a tv or gadget for sale there wouldn't be a hint of scrooge?!

    The big man is exactly the same,altho everytime I'm on the net if he looks over my shoulder an sees a pram-he asks what's wrong with me???? Told him he aint got the time to hear!!!!

  • Oh and sorry bein nosey,why wait 3 year? Good god think how many new buggies will be out then????
  • had two csections two seperate scars as my first had gotten badly stretched, so it could be dangerous and also jack had iugr and they thought lola did, she didnt, but apparently that could have been down to my age and hormones being low or something, anyways id like them to be in playgroup first aswell i adore my beans but id like to give a 3rd some one on one time!

    he booked the snip when lola was 6weeks old, he was due to go on 12th june but cancelled as he asnt allowed off work and then i decided i couldnt go through it after practically crying after seeing a newborn and thinking id never have that again, ment to be going on 10th july but hes not and im so pleased i feel like a clouds been lifted!

    Andrew didnt bat an eyelid and the price of the pear, and i was allowed the loola as it was 2nd hand, mum brought my xt so i got away with that hes just getting stressed with my obsession with labeled kids clothes, i dont have any for myself, i love dressing the kids, i feel proud seeing them look good, and maybe its because im young but i love seeing ted baker written across jacks bum, atleast im honest and dont try saying theyll last longer etc lol!

  • Why not have gorgeous clothes? If you can afford them get them!

    Oh bless ya,glad he cancelled then,it'll be a sad day for me when I realise no more babies will be in this house. I totally understand leaving a gap,but I doubt there is a perfect age gap,I sumtimes think Jc has missed out cos I've been so busy with Tom but I guess once you've got kids they all need different levels of attention at different stages.

    I'm guessin you should listen to consultant and hey you'll get your dream single skate!!!!image

    Your young so baby world your oyster! Gotta get my skates on my fellas a silver fox! lol

  • i feel like that with lola, but then have a giggle fit together and it stops mattering!
  • I absolutly love it. its the perfect solution

    My daughter who is now 16 months LOVES to look around so the front forward facing seat is perfect and a car seat at the back facing me is also perfect that way i can see my new born when it gets here. not due just yet.

    i was hooked on the Pear then i saw this...

    ooo decisions decision

    for basically an extra 100 quid i can have the peach blossom.

    which is smaller folded and lighter than the pear.

    its perfect.

  • but its not parent facing!!! the best feature of the pear, my son was 16mnths when his sister arrived and he loved having that special time up front talking to me as the baby always sleeps when a buggys moving anyway, ive used my pear once with him facing out baby facing me and hated it felt like i was shoving my first born out and giving my newborn all the attention when she just snored away

    pears arent that heavy they are bulky when folded but i cant see how a peach is any smaller having seen them side by side, i love my pear, wouldnt trade it for anything

  • Im having a knightmare I dont like the look of ither of these but know for practical reasons I will need one or the other.

    So my question is can the carrycot on the pear face towards me so I can see the baby? if so which way does the upper seat face when in this position?

     The carrycot seems very very small compared to the peach imo

    The peach is a much nicer looking system and is lighter I live on a hill so this is important to me tbh although I hate the colours, I havent seen either in real life as my nearest stockist is 50 miles away and we dont drive! But the lady on the phone said it can be rearward facing and parent facing without the carseat  ? Bt as you have seen it in real life im quessing thats not true?

    Do you think the flavours packs (except the hood) from the pear/apple would fit in the peach if I brought the black ?

    God its so hard

  • peach is only parent facing in single or with carseat and then older childs facing the other way, the carrycot isnt the biggest but dd was VERY long and fitted for 4mnths which by then she wanted to sit up and see everything! if you arent happy about a short life use the carseat until babys comfy in the seat if im honest we used that more for dd anyways as i couldnt lift the complete buggy in myself (2 sections close and 4steps at front door) so i could pop the carseat off easily without waking her. you can the carrycot aswell but my eldest always fell asleep so was layed down and getting the carrycot without bumping one child or the other was tricky¬!
  • theyve taken away parent facing, the reason i brought a pear!
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