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Talkback: Designer Bill Amberg creates Silver Cross special editions


  • i like the look of this but i was put off by it being leather, my couch is horrible when its hot like today and i have to chuck a huge sheet on it or its just not nice, you stick to it lol!
  • ooh i like that bag too, but i just got my wallaboo one it those colours and it cost a fair amount so better keep my eyes off it, plus that baby sling must make you sweat!!! sorry tmi!
  • Bag lush,but a no-no for me if it's cream. Was your expensive one cream laura? Christ I'm stickin to my sofa now-yuk image
  • its a caramel colour i love it, so far theres not a mark on it and ive had it nearly 2 months, id been looking at for ages then found out it cost £65.99 our local posh baby shop got it in and i showed andrew and he brought it for me i nearly dropped down dead on the spot! Its the wallaboo xl 'it takes two'
  • OOH posh. Yes I'd drop dead if big man bought me anything like that!!!!!!image U lucky girl. MM caramel a much more suitable shade!

    I'm not allowed any more bags,my Radley obsession has only just left me,but in my defence I bought all 6 of um with my own cash,when I actually had a wage/career/money!!!!!

    Want to write happy days but actually they weren't-not compared with my life now!

    Ah well,got some sassy bags and shoes to show for working!!!!!!!

  • Oh I did want one of those pink lightenin ones with yummy mummy written on-but bit pricey and needed slummy mummy written on mine-they didn't do that one!!!image Gotta do sumthing with my appearance,but eating pringles at 9.20 aint the best start eh?
  • aw lol, i liked the yummy mummy one but thought it was a bit big headed carrying that around, love my wallaboo, much more me, ah ill have to agree with you on that im munching pom bears! about to get my giant flump kebab andrew brought back from alton towers! naughty me!
  • Sorry,don't like the pushchair,looks like a cross between an electric chair and a bit of modern art on wheels.Wrong colour,doesn't look comfy.Can't see shopping basket.Design for design's sake without practical use
  • looks like the dazzle
  • Just bought this in tk maxx for £100!
  • What a beautiful pushchair for those babies who don't eat,drink,spit up or touch anything!!!!!!!!

    Sadly no good at our house! bag looks nice tho,wonder how I can get 1 without kids touching it or my fella realising a new handbag has come home!

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