Talkback: Junk food DOESN’T top list of children’s favourites


  • It depends on what a child's used to.Most of mine hate pasta,except spagetti.They all but one hate macaroni cheese.Only one eats pizza.

    They love "proper" dinners.Shepherd's pie,roast dinners,bangers and mash,sort of meat,potatoes and gravy dinners.They don't really like chips,beans,nuggets much.Unfortunately they can spot a ready meal a mile off too no matter how much you pay they prefer anything home cooked.

    Wish mine did like pasta more,I love pesto

  • only thing jack has that id class as junk is pizza and fish fingers, but we get the 100% ones by birdseye so they cant be that bad,

    Jacks loves a roast, i hate cooking them though and i have to admit roo does a better one but hes always too busy so they dont happen often, went to carvery once jack hated it, only likes daddys roasts!

    whats pesto like? Ive never had it, x

  • It's basil.olive oil,and pine nuts.Whizz it up,put on pasta.Lovely.Comes in jars too.Basil's my favourite herb so I could eat it all day.
  • My lads love pesto too-hence why we shaved Jc's head-sick of picking spinach,basil and anything green outta there!

    My lads love traditional dinners like your brood Jo,but like Laura's beans they love pasta. We're getting into rissotto based meals at the mo with weather being hot,all in 1 pan,quick and easy.

    My 2 are fruit addicts,and I'm ashamed to say they don't get that from me-I rarely eat fruit tut tut. I have to spend loads on fresh fruit-it pleases me tho when people ask them if they want a snack,grapes are the fave followed by bananas or melon!

    Difficult if you want them to snack in a cafe!!!!

    Top fave is spicy one pot(a dish i copy off james martin) or seafood salad!!!

  • jack loves butternut squash rissotto and lola who as fruit phobic loves a stick of honeydew melon to chew on.

    jack snacks on fruit like a mad monkey, if ever i decide to pop in somewhere for a drink i go boots first and you can get a pot of fruit salad which he loves and also we have the asda 'great stuff real fruit mix' little packs of dried apricots cherries raisins pear etc and a couple of mixed ones too, always have several packs in my bag. A new favourite is marmite rice cakes, lola got fed up of him stealing her apple ones.

    think ill try pesto, sounds something jack will like

  • MMMMMMMmmmmmm marmite rice cakes-too nice to share!!!!!! 
  • i hate marmite, really hate it that bad i cant make sandwiches with it in, they do breadsticks aswell, mini ones jack loves em, we have vegemite for sandwiches its less glue like.
  • Pesto & Pasta was a surprise but I was more shocked that junk food didn't top of the list - you know, burgers, chips, kebabs, KFC and processed food etc. Considering we are living in times where our kids are obese and 5 times heavier than they should be - this survey is actually a nice surprise!

    Nice to see some foreign choices on there as well - broaden the taste buds!

    My daughter absolutely loves olives and anything Italian - and her name is Olive which I find hilarious. Wonder if it has a connection?????


  • wow, olives havent tried them on jack, he had them on a pizza once, so must get some whole ones, any recomendations on a good kind to start him on??

  • Yeah - they are really tasty and low fat.

    My little one prefers the black ones which have nothing on them (you can get so many varieties with different flavours, stuffed with peppers, oozing in garlic etc) and make sure they are pitted (which is when the stone has been taken out). 

    They are really nice when they are kinda pureed like a paste, which you can put on wholemeal pitta bread - sounds weird but easy finger food and delicious.

  • thanx for tips, my son loves his food and its always fun giving him new thingsimage
  • lAURA YOU DON'T LIKE MARMITE?????? Twiglets????? Love twiglets,and those mini breadsticks infused with marmite.

    It's little wonder I'm fat!!!!!!! And now im goin to puree olives and spread that on french bread-boys can have wholemeal baps! What a good idea.

    Got a real nasty fattening crave at mo-tuna pasta,loads pf fusili with couple of cans of tuna,red onion,mayo,sweetcorn mmmmmm hot or cold it's gorgeous. Bit of cheese to top it off!!!!

    I need to diet!!!

  • marmite and twiglets eugh NO!image cant stand them!!!

    when i was pregnant i made that exact thing with pasta, but put lOADS of cheese on, i had wholeweat pasta though so not to bad lolimage

    and screw diets, no child likes a cuddle with a stick insect!

  • thats good to hear, jack and lola LOVE pasta, will have to try them on pesto, although jacks loves his pizza hut buffet its a rare treat but it makes his day picking salad pasta and pizza with my help of course, given the choice hed just pull up a stool and sit there grazing the day away x
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