Talkback: Peach vs. Pear: iCandy share the pros and cons



    jack had such a strop leaving elc the other day hes smashed the mechanism that sits my front seat up. i candys sorting it but im really not happy!!

  • can the pear carrycot face the parent ? and if so which way does the upper seat face in this postion?

    will the pear/apple flavours packs fit into the peach (except hood obviously) as I hate the peach colours!

    I live on a big hill so and will have had my 3rd section so weight is important to me

  • grr it keeps eating my replys

    can the pear carrycot face towards me and if so what position is the upper seat in ?

    will the apple/pear flavours fit into  the peach (except hood) as I live on a hill and will have had my 3rd section so weight is very very important to me

  • pear carrycot can face you but toddler will be in front facing you iyswim! i found it better having carrycot near me facing forwards and with hood pushed back a little i could see lola, she didnt need to see me as she slept the whole time in the buggy!

    pear and peach arent interchangeable in any way theyre made to differently.

    ive had to sections in the space of 16mnths and was fine with my pear, just avoid steps at all costs.

  • for the mum with the pear!.... im planning on buying the pear in a few weeks! cant wait! one niggle i have is that the seat units arnt very long/tall. lovely and wide though! so if my cildren have a 'tall' growth spurt their heads will be squashed into the hoods!! is there any way to get a bigger/spacious/taller hood? xx
  • im currently bidding on ebay for an apple hood they fit the pear seats and add height so ive been told by many mums and on ebay the pear packages often include a apple hood,

    i may just contact icandy and fib that i brought 2nd hand apple and need new hood! might be easier lol!

     my sons 2 and suddenly shot up and in age 3 jeans and he still sits in the smaller seat his head touches the hood but isnt squashed if you see what i mean, the front seat hes fine in. and also maybe my sons odd but hes always slept on the wonk so that gives him lots more head space lol!

     As you can tell i love my pear, hope its good for you!

  • no the peach cot will be facing away but its directly under the handle in fon of you so when you have the hood back you have a un obstructed view of baby the toddler will then sit in a seat in front/above the cot.

    i love my peach previouly had a pear and i hated it!!!

  • I love the Icandy Peach stroller!
  • Any Idea when the Icandy peach is coming to the USA?

    Icandy Peach Coming to the USA
  • noticed something else about the peach, has one of those weird brakes that works 'inside' i like mine that i can see lock into the wheel grooves, soooo secure.
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