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Talkback: Council campaign shows toddler eating dog mess


  • Gross-but it hasn't got the message through to everyone. Glad it has had impact but as a dog owner before a mum-I hate other dog owners who give us good canine owners a bad name,I've always cleared up after my dog,you shouldn't own a dog if you don't-simple as.

    Only £75 as a fine-should increase that. I think if punishment for failure to comply were harsher,the message may get through quicker.

    That always works,hitting people in the pocket.

    I am pleased to say that I regularly give abuse to the lazy dog owners who live by me!!!!!!!!image

  • I'm glad it's got through  to people,but there will always be people who don't care.I doubt if the law is ever enforced.I've lost count of the times I've seen dogs do their business on the pavement and the owner just says oh I don't have a bag.I think if you walk your dog you have to expect them to do it.What's so difficult in carrying a couple of bags in your  pocket and clearing up.

    There was a guy walking his dog opposite the school just at home time,and when it did its business the owner tried to walk off.All the kids coming out of school saw and theywere all going pooo and pointing,and you could see he was embarassed.You know what kids are like with poo,they were all joining in.In the end a lady gave him a bag and he was shamed in to clearing it up.

    Wish I was that brave,probably get a mouthful of abuse 9 times out of ten

  • Yeah Jo you do,cannot post what my reply is to the sad arse excuses I get back-I follow them giving them more-I really don't care,end of day if they turn nasty-I'll let the bleeding dog off lead and see how they react!!!!!

    Good for the kids who shamed the lazy arse by school!!!!!!

    I always have nappy sacks carrier bags stuffed in my pockets or bags!!! Tom is head of poo police-everytime he sees dog mess he shouts naughty people leaving poo!!!! Good boy!

  • we had 'dog police' put in to sort a poo epidemic a few years back throwing on the spot fines, worked really well for erm 2 weeks after they stopped.
  • Yeah its bad by us too. I'm sick of it,when I take Henry out late at night people watch you as if your'e out later cos your'e not responsible.

    ALWAYS have my poo pickin up gear with me,have been known to take it out without dog before now!!!-baby brain! Have to take him out late cos he's a nark!!!!

    Tbh only set on him someone once-end result a winner,silly gang of teenagers throwing stones at a dog on someones drive-couldn't jus walk by,sadly after brief 'chat ' with young lads the lead accidently slipped from my hand and Henry accidently knocked a youth to the floor,police summoned,boy in big trouble,Henry hailed a hero by dog on drive owner,frowned upon by police but hey ho!!!!

  • My dog is a star!!!!!!! Th only dog who would rip a man limb from limb at the drop of a hat,yet hide from a guinea piggy!!!!!!!

    Jc scares the crap out of him too-is that a suprise???!!!!!!image

  • lmao, my dog (she lives with mum now, gardens too small) was terrified of my rabbit, she would wimper when ever she saw it, it was pretty tough rabbit lived for 13yrs!
  • Aye they're brave lil sods too bunnies,we had 2 few years back,then turned into 16 after bout 4 yrs of keepin them together!!!!

    Posh spice the lil white one used to chase Henry as a pup-very funny to watch!!!!! Had to be oh so careful with the other dog-god rest her soul-she was a convicted pigeon/rabbit murderer!

    I've had some loony pets!!! We often think Jc is a slight reincarnation of the dog we lost recently,she had a gingery tinge too!!!!!!!!!!!!! God that dog was a sod! Advice for anyone thinking of getting a dog-stay away from spaniels!!!!!

  • i want a labrador, mollys such a soft dosy lump, but very loyal and protective, bit thick though she walked into the stairgate the first time it was shut lol!
  • Lol!!! Retrievers the same!!!! Good loyal dogs tho.
  • My Mum's King Charles tried to run out the patio door when it was shut.She also failed to notice the pond where it had always been and fell in that too.Dumb dog,but lovely
  • Oh I love those ! Yeah bit thick,but a much better size than the beasts we've had!!!
  • Sad sad news-had to have Henry put down this am,he actually went for Jc. image Know i did the right thing but feel very sad,had him 10yr,I know he was a nark but I loved him. Couldn't have him growlin and snappy with boys tho,and re-homing out of the question cos of his behaviour.

    Bless him,nasty pastie x

  • awww rachel *hugs* i feel for you hun my mums concerned about our old lab shes 15 now and we thnk shes loosing her sight and my brother harasses her and atm she just grumbles and moves but its only a matter of time before shes had enough, mum keeps them seperate as much as possible.

    Hope your ok xxxxx

  • Hugs Rachel,that's horrible for you.Kids come first but must be very sad to lose an old friend.

    You did do the right thing though,too often we hear the stories on the news when it's too late and someone's baby's hurt.Babies and dogs can both be unpredictable.At least Jc wasn't hurt.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Cheers girls,yeah I know I did what was best,and I tried to keep them as separate as poss,but it's difficult and like you pointed out Jo,it happens too much,I'd rather have the feeling I've got now than have my boys having skin grafts or worse.

    Been a hard day but I'm ok ta x x

  • I live on the seaside and the dog walkers are banned from the beach between May 30th and 1st September (they can go on it the rest of the year) anyway - they are all up in arms about how unfair it is on them.  But I would not want to be on the beach when dogs are running around and pooing and weeing and stuff while my toddler is playing. 
  • most the beaches i visit have No dog zones in high season, it never bothered me, as much as i love dogs im not a fan of other peoples gettin up close to me or the kids
  • glad its got through to them but eww gross made me feel eugh!image
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