Talkback: Pregnancy test – for under £1


  • It was a cheapo that confirmed Tom!!!!
  • Yep ld trust it!!! Used pound ones in the past n yep the patter of tiny feet followed shortly. If that blue line is going to show up then it dosent matter how much u have paid for it. 
  • yeah it was 99p tests that confirmed all of mine, its just the same minus all the plastic so better for the environment aswell as the purse
  • I missed my period for one day, but when I did the digital pregnancy test, not pregnant is appeared, I do know why.
  • Every month my period comes on 20 from each month, but every month it come before that date one day till 15, and I made the test today, but it said not pregnant.
  • any excuse to bring up teen pregnancys hay?

    Id trust it, ive used the digital pregnant-not pregnant one 6 times all negative 4 for jack 2 for lola, tescos cheap ones positive!! on the same day may i add!

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