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Talkback: Children bite as hard as dogs, experts claim


  • MMM Jc has a bite like that of a german shepherd let me tell ya-lil rascal had me today!!!! OOOOWWWWWW image That lad is satan himself!!!! God he's a rogue baby!!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!!!!
  • Lolas biting, evil, she rolled over this morning when she woke up i heard her went to turn over and shed got my hair tuned over to kiss her and she bit my face, arent they sweeties in the morning!

    lolas now saying mum, and she shouts and shouts, eventually i thought maybe she does want me walked in the living room and said what lola and she laughed and shook her head image i think theres something odd about her!!!

  • Matilda's new words are "shut up" and "go away".New nice words too,but those things you never want your baby saying.That's a downside to older siblings who bring these lovely things home from school.

    Don't think it needed a scientist to tell us this.Again.

    My experiment would have gone here's a big dog,here's biting baby.

    How can you make every toy safe for biting.Matilda bites books,even board ones.Erin bit the tail of her teddy,never did find it.image

  • Lol!!

    Jo please write a book!image

  • yet another thing we probably could have worked out for ourselves!!! but yes the safety tests need re-assesing aloty of kids chew stuff even at ages 'whentheyshouldnt'!
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