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Talkback: Coleen and Wayne Rooney host 4D ultrasound party


  • I am not a big fan of this couple but I have to agree that this is a fab idea. Some women keep the ultrasound private but surely seeing the baby moving around on the scan is so much more precious than on a screen moving. Although, at £300 a pop...not sure it'll be a trend in the making!
  • we had a 4d scan it was AMAZING!! we could have taken both sets of grandparents and our child/ren we chose just us and jack though and showed everyone the dvd! its a lovely thing to share, and the weirdest thing is at almost 9mnths Lola still looks like she does in the dvd and photos ! image
  • Although I haven't got the cash to splash - I would definitely love to do something like that! How lovely for all the family to see such a clear vision of their unborn son, daughter, granchild etc

     Good on them I say!

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