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Talkback: Angelina and Brad splash out on family home


  • Oh god have I got brad and ange as neighbours???!!!!!!image Bummer!

    I tell ya I'd like a 'normal' life in a 45million quid pad!!!!!!!!

  • sod the house, just the 45 million pounds would be nice!!!
  • As I always say-money wont buy you happiness-but HEY IT'LL BUY YA A BETTER SLICE OF MISERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image I wouldn't say no!!!
  • id just like it to buy the stunning photos the kids had taken today :'( we soo cant afford them!
  • If it costs that much to have a normal life they must be missing something.

    Yes they need to give the kids somewhere safe so they can just be kids,away from the media or any kind of risk they might be put in just because of who their parents are.Security and all that comes at a price.The other stuff is what most kids just dream of.

    What we spend on our kids and ourselves for that matter is relative to what we earn.They have a motorbike track,we bought Whirly a quad  bike last Christmas.They earn  huge amounts of money,most of those luxuries probably easily affordable to them.What's the point of being filthy rich if you don't enjoy it.

    Wonder if their kids know what to do with a large cardboard box,some felt tip pens and a bit of bubble wrap.

  • ha normal life what a joke! if only we could all jet set around in our own helicopter and have our own spa and gym - oh yeah, and have 45 million to spare!
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