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Talkback: UK couples given chance to choose their baby's sex


  • i really dont agree with sex selection, unless its to prevent further generations having a heritary disease/disabilty etc
  • Yep, I agree - medical reasons are OK, and I can see I'd want the option if I knew I had some condition that only a boy or girl would get from me... But just to get the 'perfect' family isn't. No such thing as perfect! Well, not when my family's involved anyway LOL!

  • I'm not a fan of this either TBH,but having said that if one sex carried a life threatening gene then I see the requirement-but personally I think if I carried such a gene I'd adopt rather than do that. It doesn't seem right IYSWIM?!

    Each to their own I guess.

  • I think we should all feel blessed for our little cherubs, there are lots of people that cant have any children let alone choose their sex, it is not right, I totally agree that screening should be carried out to avoid passing on certain medical conditions but then to a degree we are still trying to play god I suppose. 

    There are great things to having a boy or a girl, and they each have their own problems why cant people just be overjoyed to be able to have a baby!

    PS what does IYSWIM mean, sorry a bit of a novice on here.

  • If You See what I Mean!
  • I think messing with embryos in any way is treading on dodgy ground.Nature gets it right most of the time,and we shouldn't be messing with that.Maybe I'd feel different if we had a history of certain illnesses.Not for the simple  case of chosing the sex of your baby,natures had that one taken care of for thousands of years.

    If you were screening embryos for genetic faults,it would obviously be wrong to use an embryo that was unhealthy in fertility treatment.I could see the temptation to choose the sex in the case of haemophillia and certain other conditions.I did hear a really sad story of a family with four boys and one much loved youngest daughter.The daughter died aged 5 in a fire and the couple wanted another girl to "replace" her.While you feel for them,that wasn't allowed,probably rightly so.You have to draw a line somewhere.

    If you want a baby,you want a baby.With so many women suffering infertility problems you should be happy to have a healthy baby

  • Oh that's sad that Jo,but I agree you shouldn't replace children.

    Must be terrible to know you carry a defective gene that say for example only affects boys,but again rather than be screened to have girls personally I'd just adopt,then you wouldn't feel like you'd 'chosen' that child.

    When I was first pregnant,the midwives thought I was a nutter to refuse tests for downs,but as I tried to explain,I'd been trying a while,I wanted a baby not a 'perfect baby'. I would love more as all of you know,and quite frankly I'm not fussed what I have as long as I am blessed with more x

    Did have a secret desire for all boys-but If it's claires accessories where I have to spend my weekends then I'd do it with a smile x

  • i really wanted a girl, obsessivly, i was adamant i didnt want a boy and thenat 20weks i was told a boy and it all vanished, as soon as she said it jack popped into my head, and i adore him, boys are brilliant! hes a complete joy to be a parent to, hes never been a bother bless him, then i had my much wanted girl and i adore her but christ is she hard work!!! I think if i had a few boys the urge for a girl would sway me but i dont think i could ever do it, it doesnt seem righ!
  • If you start messing with the sex of your unborn babies, imagine what could happen to the world's population! And besides, who are we to pick and choose - shouldn't we be happy with what we're "given" so to speak??
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