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Talkback: Celeb mum-to-be throws A-list baby shower


  • Must admit I don't get them? Treat everyone to champers while you cant drink???? I'd rather the gifts once baby born-but I am old fashioned!!!

    And yeah not much of a bump,considering she's due next month-I lokked like that at 5mth!!!! That's a lie-I have never looked that goodimage ha ha

  • Would be a nice idea.If you didn't have a lot you could have a list like they do for weddings.Personally I think it a little presumptious that people will buy presents but you know they will so if it's something useful other than 99 pairs of bootees and half a dozen pale knitted cardis.My Mum always asks what to get,she got a baby box for one of them,so something Baby needed.Several outfits besides,but that's just my Mum,love herimage.

    I wouldn't like the party,I'm not sociable at the best of times and I wouldn't like the fuss,especially if I'm the only one not drinking.Pressies after baby's here gratefully accepted.Don't expect me to entertain people,when I'm the size of a whale

  • i had a meal out and some pressies the night before lola arrived (the joys of a planned section lol) but that was my best mate got me some nice smellies! i love the pressies when theyre born, everyone prefers spoiling a baby than the grumpy pregnant women lol!
  • When they visit with pressies they can take baby for a minute cos it's the middle of the afternoon and you just never had five minutes for your shower.While they're about it they can stick the kettle on too.I'd much prefer the visitors bringing pressies to a party.

    Number 7 doesn't get many presents anyway.Except Grandma,of course

  • same here for no.2!
  • I have thrown 2 baby showers for 2 friends so far (although no one offered for me... sniff sniff). it was a very simple affair. We got a beautian in who did some treaments for people who wanted them. Then I made some non-alcholic cocktails, nibbles and a few little somethings in a goodie bag. Lots of candles, relaxing music and good gossip.
  • Well that sounds ok-why didn't you get 1 hun? That's a shame as you've done 2 image

    My friends did the same thing for each of mine and they were sooo gratefully received-a basket(which doubles as a laundry hamper) full of nappies,vests,sleepsuits,bibs,bath stuff for me,beer for big fella,and a cheeky pack of smokes at the bottom!!!!! Naughty I know but very thoughtful!!!

    In second basket they'd put all these fancy baby products berts bees and the likes,was lush!!!! That way(as most of my friends are sahms) they save cash by clubbing together-oh and all essentials in there too,cotton wool,ear buds,talc,creams etc...........

    Must admit I'm not that into parties either-and defo wouldn't be when pregnant!!!!

  • What a nice present.Good idea.Very thoughful.

    Actually I like the sound of kangel's baby showers.I'll drop a few hints next time.

  • next time..... oh youll officially be mrs pontipine then!image
  • Yey You are going to have another-yes drop hints for basket and shower-nothing less for the head of pontipine brood!!!!!image
  • i think no.8 deserves some kinda recognition, or maybe a short stay in a care home lol! oooh im excited ill be watching for those first trimester strop, complaints and bitching lol!!! image
  • Short stay in a care home?Maybe the kind where they cart you off in a straight jacket.

    I'm NOT y'know.....image

  • Ha ha!!!!!! Bet there'll be a post before long with some special news image Hope so
  • image

    girl next time if the oh so neat pattern of boy girl girl continues! image


    i really want another, but not till these pair are at school and the debts are cleared, plus the doubles are heafty enough up my front steps let alone a triple!

  • Well ya all know how desperate I am image But if it happens it does,if not I'll look into adoption when mine are in school. So weird,spent 26 years saying no I'm never having kids,then Have 2 within 2 years won't leave them with anyone,totally changed my life in the BEST possible way image

    I do hope I'm blessed in future. And you jo!!!!

  • she hasnt got much of a bump!!!

    i wanted a shower, all my lots said it was too americanised (is that even a word) anway, surely if you have a shower you then dont get gifts when little one arrives?

    My mil threw a shower for the favourite sons gf (hes divorced the mum of his 1st two kids) the rest of us in laws didnt go, seemed a rather lavish affair too!

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