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Talkback: Nation’s favourite sweet found


  • Rhubarb and custards for me.

    Orange space dust,a close second.

    Chocolate is a whole nother matter.I don't like chocolate covered anything fruity.Love peppermint Aero,Creme eggs,Maltesars.

    I wouldn't put sweets and chocolate in the same category.If you want sweeties it's got to be sweeties.When you NEED chocolate,well nothing else will do.

    Got a Bourneville ice cream with my name on it, just waiting fof me right  now.Scuse me

  • You scoffed your Bourneville yet??? I agree chocolate and sweets nowhere near each other. Each 1 fills a certain void in my life.

    Sweets-um cola bottles ok,but I prefer haribo jellies,chocolate limes,and dolly mixtures,and marshmallow flumps oh I'm hungry now image

    Tom loves jellybabies-which is good for my figure as I can take them or leave them!!!

  • I could eat the whole box of them,all the better for the fact that Darren doesn't eat dark chocolate.Shame that.

    Flumps,oh yes flumps.Half a tub in no time.

    Jelly babies are good,I like wine gums and fruit gums better.Big bag full,that's my driving sweetie.There used to be fruit bonbons I think they were called,really fruity yummy hard sweets,a bit gooey on the inside.

    Orange sweets always the best.

    No more sweeties tonight,my teeth will drop out

  • Oh god yeah wine gums-gotta be MAYNARDS!!! Huge family bag!!!! Yum image

    Christ I love sweets,I haven't got any fillings tho-got false teeth!!!!!! Nah joking x x just Damn lucky.

    It's chocolate number 1 here,sweets very close second.

  • too right jo its chocolate OR sweets! I love mint aero, like the bubbles too but theres never enough need about 10 at a time lol!

    mmmm malteasers!

    gonna have to have a cornetto!

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmm winegums.

    ive got no fillings either image

  • oh hell no! that tangy crap theyre covered in turns me inside out! its gotta big the big flat jelly strawberrys! yum!
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