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Talkback: John Lewis’ ‘Make Do And Mend’ booklet


  • I like this kind of thing ,just for the fun of it,if you call it that.

    I did save lemon pips about four years ago.I have a baby lemon tree,which is doing really well,despite months of neglect.We planted four potatoes in our old garden,they grew lovely baby potatoes.Not very big cos we were too impatient.The following year a potato plant grew by itself so we must have left something behind.That's a good idea in plastic bags.I've heard of growing them in a dustbin,but not like that.

  • cant wait until jacks old enough to enjoy this kind of stuff, and lola too but jack will get there 1st! we used to grow potatoes and letuces at my mums with grams she lived with us, the lettuces were so much nicer than shop
  • It's not really making do, and it is not really mending, but it could save money and can be fun and educational. Save pips and grow them in the garden, in pots on windowsills, in hanging baskets or window boxes. This year we grew some potatoes that had stated to sprout before we got a chance to cook them in plastic carrier bags and got some lovely new potatoes.
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