Talkback: 15 fab eco-friendly toys for baby and toddler


  • The eco house is amazing!!! The Peter Rabbit teddy is too cute - I didn't know he was eco-friendly.
  • My son loves his Sophie la giraffe too and I agree it's a fantastic teether. My sister bought it from a supermarket whilst holidaying in France for around £5, so if you know anyone taking a trip get them to buy one for you and save some money (it's £12.99 in the current NCT catalogue!)
  • Hiya, i dont know if anyone has heard of Kreptin-jr? they make really nice comforters, my kids loved them, i just got my friends newborn son one too from im not sure they had the most recent ones but the ones they had were really well priced, i think i paid about £7.
  • we have a sophie la giraffe, BEST. TEETHER. EVER!!! lola loves her!! and were getting her the wheelybug for crimbo thinking the ladybird one... x
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