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Talkback: Which reusable nappies should you choose?


  • ive always wanted to try reusables but i have a huge anti washing man, i got offered some totsbots last week anyone know what theyre like?
  • I've been using plain old terry squares for my little one since he was born and have been very happy.  They fit perfectly as you can fold them as big or small as you want them, they fold flat and compact for storage unlike some of the shaped ones, and they are the cheapest option too :0)

    The Motherease airflow wraps I use over the top of them weren't the cheapest, but they have been very good at keeping everything where it should be iyswim.

  • Laura, Totsbots have a very good reputation, though I've not used them myself, I know a lot of cloth-bum mums who love them.

    I've used the Onlife birth to potty system with Mother Ease Airflow wraps and am really pleased with the performance. Those nappies are bomb proof!
  • We have had great success with the Lollipop nappies, both the shaped and sized nappies, and the all in ones like the Pop'n'Gro.  They are great at preventing leaks, last a good amount of time between changes, and are both cute and comfortable on my baby.  I would also highly recommend the advice service offered by the Lollipop advisors, as there is so much choice on the internet but nowhere offers you the opportunity to feel and handle the nappies before you buy them.  My advisor brought round a range of nappies to show me when I was making the decision on which ones to use, and then made it easy for me to choose my nappy system by narrowing down the choice according to my washing and drying facilities.  The right nappy fabric is the major choice to make!  I could also ask any questions I had about the practicalities of using the nappies.  Getting the right advice made life so much easier in choosing my nappies!  Thanks Teamlollipop.
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