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Talkback: Children start school too early


  • After reading this,I have to say that is the norm in the school Tom will attend. They go to nursery 5 mornings a week for  a year,then full time reception for a year-all play based,they don't sit down to learn from desks as it were until 6. I thought when I heard about it that it was mad-but I'm guessing it works as it's been called the centre for excellence round here.

    Some kids may need more disipline than play(my Jc for 1 ) but I think testing kids is ridiculous-plenty of time for that in high school.

    The school Tom will attend make a folder about your childs attitude,ability etc and apparently we can view it anytime,which I like the sound of-ocd here will be in every week to read it!!!!!!

  • I disagree about shortening holidays.The children spend quite enough time in school.They take the first couple of weeksto adjust to their freedom,the next two just enjoying it,and the last two wishing they never had to go back to school and how had it passed so quickly.Education is a part of their life not the other way round.I'm not saying it's not important,far from it,achieving well at school will set them up for life,but there's a life outside of school as there is work, and family life is equally as important if not more.

    At our school they have nursery for a year,just play.Then reception for a year mostly play with more emphasis on learning.Things like phonics,maybe drawing in sand.It's not until year 1 they sit down and do work,they're already 5 turning 6 that school year.If children are more able though they may be ready for more.A child whose birthday is in September is obviously older and probably more mature than a birthday in August.Teaching should be tailored toward the child rather than a whole class who have varied needs and abilities.Some schools are better at this than others

    There doesn't need to be so much testing ,agree with that.I don't know that it does anything more than provide statistics.That said though we were tested every year at school,and  I don't remember losing any sleep over it.

  • Nah me either-you're right it for school stats rather than any benefit fr the kids.

    How big are the classrooms by you Jo-round here there are 30 to a class,but 3 teachers-and I'm guessing that's  so all kids can have correct level of attention. Hope so!

  • 30 a class here too,but a teacher plus two  TAs and a nursery nurse in the nursery,two TAs for reception,then one TA for yr 1 and up.

    A lot dependson the school,the staff and to a certain extent the kids and parents of those kids that go there.If your kids do as they're told,get their work done,and teachers busy with kids that aren't ,who's going to notice that your child is ready to being learning the next thing.Depends on the school.Which is why we're moving schools to a better one.It was that or home ed.

  • Wish I  was bright enough for home ed-but the school He's supposed to go to is actually supposed to be good. We'll see.

    I believe if a child wants to learn is encouraged at home they'll excell,however you can't make a child that has no interest in acedemia learn and try,and if they have no encouragement at home either they'll fall behind-the biggest prob for me is what you just mentioned,if your child is average or above and trys hard,and is in a big class with kids who don't want to learn,that child will suffer more-because they're willing to learn,they apply their intelligence to getting up to alsorts.

    That made hardly any sense-think you got me-if playgroup worries me-imagine what I'll be like when they are at school??????

    it's late-I'm knackered and in a bad mood-off for a cheeky smoke niteimage

  • omg our schools must be tiny!! jacks school has a range of 15-23 per class! 2 classes per year! same as when i was there, my cousins school (reception to yr 4) only has 110 pupils in the whole thing!
  • Lucky you-it's huge classes round hereimage and that's my worry,it seems to be staffed well,but I'm wondering if kids that do well,are being challenged enough? That is presuming my Tom does well!!!!!!image
  • Sounds like it has good staff levels rach, surely having 3 teachers to 30kids makes it more like 10 per class except in one room iyswim?

    Sounds pretty good! 

    Common rach, who are you kidding, he will of course be the smartest child in the school until JC joins him and they share top spot!!! We are allowed to say that as mums! imageimage

  • I can honestly say I doubt Jc will ever be in top sets-unless there's a class for being a nutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ha he's been so naughty tonight-hitting Tom,biting my mum,then screaming if you tell him offimage

    Bath time was the usual wee on each other,splash us,try and hold each other under water etc.........naughty boys!!!!!!!

  • hehe!!!

    Im sure he will excell somewhere! ive no idea with jack, whereas lola i think will go far in performing arts!!!

    Weve had biting hiting and kicking today and pinning each other down to steal dummys! 

    madam can now stand up so she crawls over to his play table and ruins whatever he is doing sits down and waits for him to realise then cackles, its soo hard not to laugh, she just has such a lust for life that nothing bothers her! Jack on the other hand is a sensitive soul, gets offended easily, and has taken to saying no lola quite alot image

  • Oh not just us then!!!!!!! Must be a fact first born are sensitive? Think everyone I know with 2 or more,has the first as sensitive. Tom is soooo different-very sensitive,quite a worrier too.

    Nowt phases Jc-he acts like it does then promptly drops the act when you talk or laugh at him!!!!! Maybe he'll have a career in performing arts????image

  • exactly how my two are!

    And even though im technically the 1st child my sisters the sensitive one and toms a toughie (although we call him soft lad because of his bunny) He is majorly tough makes lola look gentle the way he goes when hes cross!!!

  • Well,I have 2 weeks to go before Tom starts nursery every morning at the school.........NOT looking forward to it at all. His uniform is ready,he is positively looking forward to it,asking if he will learn to read in the first week?! bless him,he really is keen.

    Why do I not want him to go???
  • i think its natural!!  i was the same with Connor and Caitlin when they started school-its like they dont need me as much anymore, which is utter rubbish i know but i cant help thinking it!  Little Andrew is at nursery this year too so i am now wondering what on earth to do with my afternoons!
  • Oh Lynne pity you weren't closer to us,we could have met up and moaned over a brew!!!!

    I know,think when mine are all in pre-school I'll be considering work......slap me would have to be the job every mum wants,9.30-2.30 for massive pay all hols off.....dreaming again!!!!!!!

    It's so strange labelling uniforms?!!! Seems like just months ago he was born!!!!

  • People are getting their knickers in a twist over the name of things. While its true that in many other countries children don't start 'school' until 6, they do attend fully paid for pre-schools or nursery schools before this. These establishments are doing exactly the same as Reception year here does - play based learning. It's not like they sit them down in Reception and make them write essays - almost everything they do is play.

    Also some children will be ready for school sooner than others in any case. My daughter is a summer birthday and would have been bored silly by nursery if she had had to stay another year, just as her friend with a September birthday was. If children are not challenged they lose interest.

    Changing the school age would only be part of the job - they would then have to completely overhaul the nursery/pre-schools and make them do the job that Recpetion does. Otherwise all the bright kids will have lost interest in learning through being bored byt hte time they reach school.

  • completely agree with

    ''There should be no single class teacher who covers every subject''

     not sure about the age thing, some children are ready and desperate to start others arent, cant see how to resolve that one,

    But i deffinatly disagree with shortening the 6wks! 
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