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Talkback: Sarah Michelle Gellar in skinny jeans weeks after giving birth!


  • Nah,Charmaine worry when it's almost 3 years down the line!image

    Don't care now-have accepted the fact size 12 was a distant memory!!!!!!!! Cuddly nowimage

  • Good for you, if you are happy with yourself,  thats brilliant.     I just feel horrible at the moment, had a new hair cut helped but just feel too big at the moment, I havent been a size 12 since about 6 years ago I think!   I was doing WW when I fell with Harry.     Nice to be cuddly no good being stick thin, Harry doesnt care.... which is good, dont care if the other half cares or not,   No time for me to excercise really, work (some days) , house work, fun with Harry...... put harry to bed cook dinner, eat dinner, go to bed myself....

  • I saw you pic in p.p mag-you're gorgeous!!!! I wouldn't be worried in the slightest if I were you hun! x

    I know,I've put bit on since dog gone-used to try and walk him every day,if not twice,feel an idiot walking without buggy or hound!!! No energy come 8pm!!!! Hectic with kids!

  • i despise skinny jeans!!!!

    They even give captain skinny a muffin top! (i do love it when childless friends choose clothes for jack)

  • I was a size 10/12 when I met Darren.I'mnow 16/18.Therefore it must be his fault ,I  blame him.Not my fault at all.

    Have never,would never,could never or should never wear skinny jeans.So glad I'm not a celebrity

  • i blame andrew too, but he blames me, so its all even
  • I blame myselfimage I love food!!!!! Can't say noimage

    No longer really care,and I agree skinny jeans are a definate no no for me,as are leggingsimage Not a good look with these tree trunks!!!!! I'll stick with the bootcut jeans that cover the bumps!!!

  • image I am nearly two years down the line and no where near back to my old shape boo hoo! My own fault need to go on a diet!
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