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Talkback: What your sofa says about you


  • My sofa was bought new by my Aunt,who bought another and gave this one to my Mum.She bought another and gave this one to my brother.He got another and gave this one to us when we moved in this house,cos our lovely,but also hand me down, comfy  two sofas wouldn't fit through any door or window of our house.imageI miss that sofa.One day we'll get a new one,I don't see the point now.This has holes in,the stuffing is regularly pulled out,it's been spilled on,it's been jumped on,it's not pretty or particularly comfy.I just refuse to spend money on one the kids'll only wreck.

    My brother broke the old one up,it was too big for his house too.He found pens,pencils,a whole phoneimage,some keys,a plastic spoon,a metal spoon and fork(I had wondered where the kids cutlery was going),various lego,knex,geomags and small toys inside,down that bit you can't reach.He filled a whole carrier bag with what he foundimage

  • Ladies... Brilliant....I can't stop laughing!
  • Lol, jo!

    We were sat on the floor or beanbags until ours arrived, no one was getting rid when we were desperate, i do love it but i wish we could have got one that i didnt think, OH GOD NO everytime a nappy explodes or pasta sauce gets flung!

    we cant get into ours at all, i wonder how much moneys down there image

  • My sofa is second hand like everything else I own!!!!!image I don't like it-it's leather but not my choice-but for a bargain price-I had 2 babies and a huge dog when I got it-I'm not spending a fortune for it to be wrecked.

    To be fair not that many spilages-YET!!!! But plenty of cuddles on it!

  • We used to have our table in the front room in the old house,so loads of spills,we're lucky enough to eat in the kitchen nowWe're really strict on that.Now it's just Merlin messes,this one stays a lot cleaner.Shame it's not our lovely huge one.

    We had camping chairs when we moved in here,we have those sort of reclining ones.Bit cheeky they are,cos we bought two from Woolies a couple of years ago,paid about £80 for the pair,on offer.They sent 4.Charged for 2.Didn't complain.Suppose it's a bit late to tell them their mistake nowimageCertainly comfier than this settee now.

    I'm afraid I'm not a fan of leather,Ilike my cosy fabrics,but I can see their advantage.I did see a settee with washable removable covers somewhere,I like that idea

  • Loving the new photos Joimage Mm leather has it's uses,in winter it's awful,cold and not cosyimage

    I had 1 years ago that you could take covers off-they never went back the sameimage washed as it said-but again second hand so I wasn't too bothered! I would love fabric,but in my mind I still think I've got hounds jumping all over it!!!!!!

    Maybe 1 day I'll buy a brand new one,in a lovely soft fabric-bout 18 years time!!!!!!

  • i wanted fabric but having seen the way my mums went when my sister was born we got leather and have a huge fluffy throw in the winter! does the trick!

    Jo they sound impressive camping chairs, and now we know why woolies fell apart image

    lovely new pics, the three little ones look really similar there!

  • That's what I need,a huge throw-again always think dogs will rip it off and to shredsimage No need to worry bout that now. Should treat myself.
  • ive had mine for years, its one of those thick 'fur' ones from next we have a husky one its lush so heavy and warm when its cold!
  • Ooh lush!!!! Want 1image
  • Me too,I had a new catalogue today with my Next order.They're so nice.I was looking at some in Debenhams TOD ,just had to stroke them.Had to leave before people thought I was a strange lady.
  • theres one on display in my debanhams its heaven i always have a quick stroke, its white though, so Nooo way will that ever be allowed in my house!

    I have a baby pink one too, thats mega soft, and gorgeous, i got that for my 16th when i had my room decorated hot pink! thats still lovely too, ive passed that onto lola now, she used to have it folded in half in her travel cot! Id love a blue one for jack, he loves them dry after a bath he runs through to lay on it! image

     Im after a chocolate one, ours is husky so black /white/grey doesnt match anywhere!!! but that was the only colour when they first 'released' them iyswim.  i think ive had it around 4yrs!

  • Ha,nice to know I'm not alone in feeling everything fur like!!!!
  • how strange do we all sound, hope we havent scared of any newbies! imageimage
  • sorry but this made me laugh, yet more random figures that are in all honestly a bit pointless!

    My poor sofas only 2yrs old, its younger than J and its looking loved to say the least, and christ the 'spills' its seen, all ill say is thank christ we chose leather and have lots of antibac wipes in the house!!!image

    My sofa is my only new piece of furniture and my favourite, its just a daily fight over who gets the 'corner' its a L shaped one!

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