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Talkback: Flat Head Syndrome: Should you use a helmet?


  • My little boy had a flat patch on the side of his head also, someone recommended that I took him to see a cranial osteopath, the best thing I could have done after one session she found there was a lock in his neck...once she had manipulated his head/neck he no longer favoured that side and the flatness has slowly dissappered.
  • I was horrified last summer when I realised my second little chap had a flat spot having never had any problems with our first and felt terrible that I'd not noticed it happening. I first took him to the osteopath and after a couple of sessions he was improving but I decided to then take him to a cranial osteopath - no tears, no ugly or costly helmets required and just a couple of months later it's all sorted, well I did invest in the 'lovenest' pillow for all of £13.

    I would always recommend treating the root cause rather than simply the symptom and at least osteopathy and cranial osteopathy take into account the whole of the child, not just one part!

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