Talkback: Smacking can make children ‘happier’ claims professor


  • Smacking makes children happier?? I have never heard so much drivel in my entire life! Perhaps being hit by one's spouse 'cheers the partner up and makes them happier too' ?? Oh ... yeah .. sorry .. can't HIT an adult ... but you can hit a defenceless child who needs to learn to grow up into a gentle, kind, sensible, loving adult and hitting it is really going to do that .. isn't it?

    If I can't hit YOU or the minister in the church, or the lady at the checkout - or even the rapist in jail, or even an animal - why, should I be allowed to HIT a defenceless, child, several times smaller than you???

    Learn to 'Use your words, and not your hands' just as you tell your children!
    Please don't ever hit your child regardless of what any expert says. Patients, lots of patience, consistency, clear boundaries, positive reinforcements, loving assertiveness and stay calm.
  • I was talking about this with my OH the other day. He was raised with the occasional smack I never was.

    We've agreed to raise our kids without smacking... I think in a few years time people might look back on smacking as a bit cruel...



  • Whatever this "study" appears to show,if you teach your child do as I want you to or I'll hit you,they'll go away and do the same.If you talk to them and teach them to reason,they learn how to behave rather than comply out of fear.Aren't we teaching them self discipline for their future.This isn't new gems of information we must rush out and research,we all know all this already.image

    There are people who need to learn parenting skills,discipline being one of them.If you lash out at your child you teach them nothing,but I do know of parents/homes where it is the ultimate sanction,where all else fails.In most cases it's not about abuse,more parents do it the only way they know how.In most cases people are trying their best and actually doing a good job.

    We don't need a "professional" to tell us how to raise our kids,there are many ways to do that.There's only one professional that matters in my house,and that's me,cos I'm Mummy,I am the law,and I don't need a dozen recommended reads to tell me how.

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