Talkback: Could your childcare arrangements be breaking the law?


  • Hi there,

    I currently work in a nusrey I have a DBS check for the company and pedriactric first aid and a lady would like me to baby sit for her from 7-4 at her house would I need to register to do this every other Saturday.
  • Me and my sister used to do this as we both worked for a family business and there were 4 children under the age of 5 bwtween us.

    Obviously we wouldn't have got into trouble as we are relatives but I think it is absolutly ridiculous that people should be told who can and can't look after their own children.

    People are always moaning about woman not working and claiming benefits yet when these woman came up with a solution that suited them both they get into trouble!

    After hearing how costly child care is today I think it's no wonder they chose this option.

    I think this is what's wrong with our country, the governement stick there nose in when it's not needed but miss poor children who are being neglected and even abused.

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