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Talkback: Jo’ll fix it! Early riser


  • Maybe you could cut the nap down,my kids have always started doing this around 2 ish.My 22 month old is much the same.If she has no nap,she's so overtired by tea time,so I let her have just an hour at most and make sure she's up by 3pm.They might wake up grumpy cos they've been woken,but usually a cuddle,juice,snack,go for a walk if that's convenient,a favourite tv show,whatever you think will cheer them up and they have the energy to make it till bedtime,but still tired enough to get a good night's sleep.
  • i completely second jos advice, jacks now down to about an hour, much longer and hes up until after me! and no nap results in a horrible mood and then still a late night!

    jack wakes around 9-9.30 so he then naps around 12ish wakes up has lunch we do something energetic and hes all ready for bed at 7!

  • George (21 months) has always slept brilliantly from 6pm to 7am until we moved him into a junior bed in a new room (to make room for the new baby). Now he is wide awake at 4:30-5am and shouts and bangs on his door until we go in. He sleeps for 1.5-2hours in the daytime and is fine going to bed and staying in bed- it is just the early rising. We have tried putting toys in his room for him to play with quietly but he just bangs them on the door and shouts 'MUMMY!' at the top of his lungs. I am worried about the noise he is making with our neighbour's sleeping right nextdoor. I have tried moving his bedtime later, and cutting down/out his nap but he is just so grumpy it's unbearable. I don't think he's waking because he's had enough sleep- I think something started waking him (birds/light maybe) and now he is just in the routine of waking at 5am. How do I keep him quiet in his room (or better still asleep) until a more appropriate hour? I was thinking of getting a toddler clock and saying "you need to stay in bed sleeping like the bunny, until the bunny wakes up- then you can get up too" is that too complicated for 21 months?? I am 8 months pregnant and knackered! Please help!!
  • I can really recommend the BabyZoo Sleeptrainer for early rising toddlers. It features a.o a monkey who can open and close its eyes. You can tell your child that as long as the monkey is sleeping, he/she should stay in bed. Really easy and it works!
  • Hi Sarah, how are you getting on? reading your story it sounded just like my 27mth old daughter, we have exactly the same senario. Had it for 3wks which I know isn't long but its starting to get exhausting. If you have any tips please tell! We've just ordered the gro clock to see if helps but not come yet.
  • My son is 2 and a half and still takes a nap, usually 90 minutes. He used to sleep from 7pm to 7am as well but this has changed to 8pm-5 or 6am in the past month. He might be full of energy for the first 45minutes after he wakes up but then he's tired. He is no longer a happy energetic little boy, but a grumpy, tired disobedient one. We've tried going without a nap and keeping busy all day but it gets to the point where he either falls asleep standing up around 5pm or the complete opposite of being totally hyperactive and literally bouncing off walls and not listening at all. He's even getting circles and bags under his eyes! Please help! Any suggestions to help him get the proper amount of sleep at the right time?
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