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Talkback: 10 travel systems for less than £400


  • I always get confused when it comes to the travel system i always postponed buying it cos i don't know which one is the best, but now that I have gone tru the ratings and the price comparison from other mums i know exactly what i want, I'm soo happy i found this forum is amazing
  • Hi i bought a mammas & pappas luna second hand its a great pushchair but like so many it has its pros & cons!Pros it pushes lovely and folds quite compact it has an adjustable 2 position leg rest comes in fab colours witch you can customise to your own taste/style the one thing i wish it did do is be able to have the option of having your child facing you as last summer i had my baby girl in it i was out walking and a wasp landed on her and i did not realise luckly it did not sting her so now i want to sell it so i can purchase a pushchair that faces you!it also lies quite flat for when your little one falls asleep!the down side of it is it's quite top heavy so does tend to tip backwards if you put too much weight onthe back of it the shopping basket is not overly big or deep so cant get much in it! and the way it folds down you kind of have to put it on the floor and your covers get dirty!but overall i would rate this pushchair 3.5 out of 5!Hope you find this helpfull.image
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