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Talkback: How to become a Mummy Blogger


  • It's hard to explain why blogging is so theraputic, but it is. Sometimes the stuff I write about is so trivial I wouldn't even tell my husband, but then he'll read it and laugh. If you fancy it, have a go.


  • I've been blogging since April 2008 and never anticipated what a fantastic community I would discover.  I started writing to share news of my favourite parenting products, but now its so much more; a place to seek advice and support, which is often invaluable.
  • Three words I. Love. Blogging. I started blogging in January 2011 and I enjoying finding cool and fun things for the little ones!

    There are so many great blogs out there with different subjects whether it be for parenting, personal, fashion or travel. A great way to share to others your knowledge of the parenting world.
  • Great article.

    I started about 7 months ago and I love it.  It is a great community and great fun image

    Wives and Daughters

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