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Talkback: 10 of the best products for breastfeeding


  • After breast feeding dd3 for 10 weeks and realising that the back ache was because my daughter was getting too heavy for me to hold in position without slouching I bought the My Brest Friend feeding support, its expensive but as I justified it to my husband (who nearly had a heartattack at me spending £45 on it), if it helped me to carry on bf for another 6wks it only cost the same as buying formula.  14 weeks on I still use it and wish I had bought it when my eldest was tiny!  I had a stack of cushions for her because she was a tiny premature baby and used to feel like I was losing her in them sometimes.  I've recommended it to everyone I know who is planning to bf and will carry on using it as long as I can!

    I also love the feeding tops from JoJoMamanBebe and the NCT shop, no-one has ever realised I've been feeding while wearing them and I find the aprons a hassle with 2 young toddlers to deal with as well, does require a bit of practice at home wearing them first as every top is slightly different! 

    I also admit to having a bit of a thing for pretty nursing bras and making sure I have the matching sets where possible (not easy when trying to get 30F!).  I always feel better in nice underwear and don't see why that should change because its a nursing bra!

    I think all the above helped me exclusivly bf dd2 for 8 mths before she finally accepted food was for eating not throwing at the dog and I'm aiming to try and do the same with dd3.

  • Johnsons breastpads are the best in my opinion i havent leaked once with these breastpads!
  • Bebe au lait feeding apron. Gave me the confidence to feed anywhere and in front of anyone -essential in the early days when visitors are present and latching on can be hit and miss. Great for out and about for impromptu feeds and brill to keep older baby focused and less distracted by surroundings. Bought as a gift (quite expensive for what you get) but I used it nearly every day for a year and now my sister has it ready for her new arrival. Didn't need any special feeding tops and was small enough to put in my handbag. Got so many positive comments when using it in public. It's not about hiding what you're doing, it's about confidence and discretion (after my second baby, I was more self concious about exposing my wobbly bits and stretch marks than my breasts!). I couldn't reccommend this product more. I had the blue dotty spots one and felt like a yummy mummy for a change. I stopped breast feeding 2 weeks ago when my son turned one and I am so proud that I fed for so long -I don't think I could have done it without my apron. I loved it.
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