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Talkback: Nurseries ban birthday cake!


  • AT my childrens nursery, they have asked that parents consider the treat that they bring in to celebrate birthdays. Since then some parents have brought boxes of raisins and oranges for a treat. As for me, instead of taking sweets in for home time, I took in a cake and they all sang happy birthday, had a piece with their afternnoon tea (which was balanced nutritionally).

    The cake wasn't massive and when you cut it up, they only get a mouthful...I think everything in moderation and  that children should be taught moderation.

  • Banning stuff is a bad move it sends the wrong message. 

    People don't understand the 'everything in moderation' mantra, or the fact that calorific intake has to be less or equal to output, depending on whether you are trying to stay a certain weight or lose it.

    I tell my kids that you have to make sure you are doing PLENTY of exercise if you want to eat whatever you want.

    We're out and about walking for at least 2hrs a day and they watch a max. of 1hr telly a day.

    I am one of six siblings none of whom are overweight and all of whom take part in regular exercise. When we were young we were told being over weight is very bad for your health, we did, however, eat cake, sweets and biscuits and continue to do so.

  • there is also an issue of food allergies... how do you tell one dairy-allergic two year old he can't have cake when everyone else is?

     My DS had a birthday recently and I brought in some birthday cake for his year group. They lit the candles and sang happy birthday but the kids only got cake to take home. That way the nursery left it for the parents to decide what their kids ate.

    It would have been nice to let them eat at nursery, but at the same time, I guess I'd like to know what MY kid was being given by another parent too.

  • It's no wonder that the growing generation are growing up too quickly and serious body and food issues. What is a small slice of cake going to do them apart from make them smile. For all the size of piece they would get the child probably will run it off before bedtime.

    They shouldnt be emphasising 'healthy foods' but moderation, fun with exercising and being children.

  • My son was given a small piece of birthday cake at nursery when he was 18 months old. It was only at that point that we found out he became hyper-active when he ate smarties!!

    I suspect that nurseries come under the same healthy-eating umbrella that schools do now and have to promote healthy eating . This means that as in most schools, sweets, cake and sugary treats aren't allowed.

    Not sure if I agree or not.
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