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Talkback: Toddler asked to leave bus for wearing England strip


  • This is a myth - read the results of the bus companies investigation into the alleged incident - linked and pasted below. And please publish the rebuttal on this website, if you believe in telling the truth. Don't fall for this rubbish - nobody is banning England shirts, nobody finds them offensive, you have been taken in by an urban legend and a pack of (the usual) tabloid distortions!

    From First Buses.

    Following an alleged incident involving our service and the refusal of a young passenger wearing an England shirt, the following statement has been issued to the media. Paul De Santis, Commercial Director for First said: "The claim made about one of our drivers' behaviour is a very serious one and we have been in touch with this woman several times to try to establish what actually happened.

    "We have carried out a full investigation and can't find any evidence to substantiate this claim. No driver fitting the description given was working on any routes in this area at that time. Our buses were busy around the time yet no one else has been in touch with us about this alleged incident.

    "We expect the highest level of professionalism from our drivers and such an act would not be tolerated. However, in this instance it now appears that no such incident took place.

    "Far from banning England shirts on our buses First is fully supportive of England's World Cup campaign and we are, in fact, currently fitting good luck banners featuring England flags on all our buses in England."
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