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Talkback: Sun safety in the spotlight after baby gets 40% burns


  • "The baby’s mum, who did not seem to understand the warnings of fellow sunbathers..." - ignorance is not an excuse. Even if you were to put aside the information available about your child vs sun care, when you consider how much information is being regularly thrown at us about protecting our own skin from the sun as adults, there is absolutely no reason for not being even more careful with your baby's health. Children do not come with manuals, but there is a world of guidance out there and readily available information about basic childcare and I feel this falls under that. The mother was badly negligent in this case. That poor little boy must have been in so much pain!
  • Evil cow, people like this shouldn't deserve kids... Childrens skin is extremely sensitive to the sun and she should have known that, being that she probably didn't get burnt herself... Poor little sod, hope he's okay and it doesn't leave any lasting damage. Disgusting, and I hope she gets done for child neglect! Arrrggghh, so angry reading about this, and listenening to it on the news, and the woman can't even be named... Horrific!!
  • I was also very angry when I heard this story, how can you not realise the importance of sun protection, what would have happened if the PCSO didnt step in at that time, i would hate to think, this is abuse!
  • I was very upset and angry reading this,that poor boy must have been in agony. 6yrs ago,I had terrible sunburn,(whilst gardening,and not re applying sun cream) the pain was unbearable,god only knows the pain this child was in.
    I hope she is prosecuted for this,it is neglet,plain and simple.
  • that evil woman should be charged with neglect and attempted murder- that baby must of been screaming in agony for a long time, by the time he had sustained 40% burns he would of been quite, his poor body would of shut down in a state of shock.

    if that poor child dies she should be charged with 1st degree murder - even if it was not pre-planned she sat there and watcher her baby being burnt and ignored him that says pre-planned to me
  • Does this women have no common sense? I am disgusted reading this. This is child neglect. I hope this child was taken from her. Makes me very angry!!!!
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