Talkback: Pampers Active Fit nappies – what’s going on?


  • I felt a bit surprised and annoyed when I opened our usual brand of nappies to find the card saying it had been replaced with a new product. Still we bought them so we tried them. Since then we have had problems with regular leaking - and not just a little leakage - which we've not had before. Also DD had a raised rash which I thought was due to the leaking but reading this article makes me wonder. I don't have the time to phone Pampers unfortunately so we're changing to Huggies for now.
  • It does seem a bit strange of Pampers when they know that there's a massive rival (huggies) who're always snapping at their heels...
  • I have no idea what the makers of Pampers are thinking by saying "no baby wee's at the back"...any baby (especially girls) when they are layed down for bed (ON THEIR BACKS!!) have urine that runs to the back!!! I am totally disgusted at the new change, my daughter is wet through every night now within a couple of hours. I have tried other brands but I just can't get the quality of the OLD STYLE Pampers. I am now working my way through store brands to see if any of those are any good. I feel totally let down and even worse is that I feel that my daughter has been let down too. I feel like Pampers have cut costs with no care or consideration of the people that matter. I would even be willing to pay a little more just to get the old style back rather than suffer with the sub-standard nappies that are now being produced!
  • Try Tesco Superfit,the purple ones.I used them on all mine and they were as good as the old Pampers.Never had a leak.Huggies are good too.
  • I found my girl had all the above problems in the new design Pampers nappies, plus even with the smallest wee the nappy would start to dangle between her legs as she is very slim they would even swing a bit when she ran. I thought developement was strange as this was before I found out the nappies I had been buying for a year and a half had been sneakily altered. The swinging nappy problem on closer inspection was due to the lack of absorbent material at the back of the nappy, therefore creating a 'pendulum' effect. I was a very loyal customer; however we just can't continue to use them. We tried Huggies these are a little stiff, Boots own brand seem fab, not quite as good as the old active fit though.
  • We started using the new style active fit unbeknown to myself when pampers changed the contents without advising on the exterior of the packaging.
    My little girl suffered horrific rashes and it was not until I saw BBC Watchdog that I put two and two together.
    Like other posters, we had changed nothing else - the only thing it could be was the nappies - this co-incided with leaks at night too.

    Disgusted at feeling as if a big brand and paid me a dis-service I switched brands, contacted watchdog, called trading standards and lodged a complaint with P&G.

    I was so angry at the pain and suffering my little girl had suffered that I also felt it necessary to join the facebook campaign - Pampers Nappies Complaints Worldwide.

    After switiching brands the rash cleared up within a few days - enough said.
  • I totally agree, I find that both my boys (2 1/2 and 17mths) have the same problem with the new style. The older style was much better.
  • I should state that I agree with the pendulum effect. Neither of my boys have had any rashes or leaks.
  • Both me and my daughter (now 11 months) love Pampers nappies. The dry max nappies are much improved and in my opinion are fantastic. I have never had leakage from them even when my baby sleeps for 13 hours at night (yes that is meant to say 13 hours!). After each nappy change we always remember "perimeter checks" to ensure the nappy isn't folded in at the top of the leg. The nappies are incredibly absorbent and I wouldn't dream of changing to another brand. She has never had nappy rash and we have used pampers from birth. Thumbs up and 10 out of 10 from us.
  • i totally agree here, i've got a three year old who has been potty trained now for a year, i always used pampers and never had any problems, not one leakage ever, now i have an 8 week old son so I brought some pampers active fit size 2 last week and i have been using pampers newborn up until now, and the first night of wearing the active fit one, it leaks all up his back, all on his sleep suit and the whole of his moses basket was drenched! I feel a bit disgusted to say the least, there's no way i am putting the active fit back on him, i'm going out today to buy huggies!
  • Well I have used Pampers from Day 1 with my son and loved them...until now! I avoided the Dry Max ones as I'd heard they cause bad rashes. My 6 month old son was using their Baby Dry size 3s with no problems and he had never had even a hint of nappy rash in all his 6 months of life. Then I bought size 4 Active Fit Pampers as he was almost too big for the size 3s. Well I tried them 1 NIGHT on him as I assumed the bigger size would have better absorbency at night but the next morning he was soaked through on all his clothes and his little bum was horrendous! Bright red and with bumps - awful! It had to be the Active Fit nappy. When I posted on a Mum and Kids forum I am on loads of Mums responded saying that the very same thing had happened to them with this nappy so Pampers cop on to yourselves and admit there's a problem and fix it!!

    Oddly, most of the Mums with this issues have sons, not daughters - some with daughters use this nappy with no issues - now that's weird!
  • It's 4:39 in the morning just changed my 17 week old babies pampers, she bum was cold and I cried because I read some reviews last night around 10 pm after I noticed a rash and saw negative reviews. I ve Bern using pampers baby dry and that's been socking up better but to wake up and to find her bum cheeks so wet made me cry. The pampers was wet and she must feel some discomfort. They don't stay on as well either, I just feel pretty upset and cheated and first thing tommorrow morning will switch back to pampers baby dry and active fit sucks
  • i have been using pampers baby dry for my dd when she was 3 months on,and now she is 1 yr old, she was very comfortable in baby dry nappies, although the nappy looks a bit bulky when its full, i never had any problems with them, she never had any rash with baby dry nappies
    pampers baby dry are really excellent
  • My little one has been ok but we only use disposables at night.
    But it reminds me of when my (now 19yr old) son was a tot.

    I couldn't get his usual pampers so I bought Peaudouce ones. The next morning he had 2 red marks that looked like burns where the inner leak guards were.

    I covered his bits and took photos and sent them with a cover letter and the rest of the packet. I got an apology letter and a cheque covering the cost of the nappies, the postage and a bit extra.

    It didn't make it heal quicker but it was nice that they acknowledged the problem and compensated us.
  • The last two packs of Pampers Pullup Napkins that we have bought do not seem to have any strength to stay up in them,We look after my 3 year old Grandson 3-4 days per week and it is now getting beyond a joke,This morning we were walking in Weymouth with him and he kept stopping every few yards and complaining that his nappy was uncomfortable.We,along with mhy son and daughter in law have always used Pampers from the time that he was born and I feel that the present quality is completely unacceptable.I therefore wish to draw this matter to your attention as if the present quality continues ,none of our family will be buying anymore Pampers Napkins.
  • Have they just made changes again? My daughter only uses pampers as she reacts to other brands but they have changed the packaging this week and now she gets a rash from them. Does anyone know what is going on or what it is that she might be reacting to. She is bleeding now so I'm trying all kinds of different options now:-(
  • This is very disappointing to read. It's ridiculous to say that babies don't wee at the back - anybody who's had a baby will tell you how frequently the backs of nappies are filled with wee, sometimes even when the fronts are dry (and yes, I am the mum of a little boy). We've used and loved the Pampers New Baby nappies but now at six months we're going to need to move on soon, and with Pampers Active Fit now apparently being rubbish I'm not sure what we're going to do. We've tried other brands before but he's had reactions to them. Feel totally let down by Pampers - sounds like they're just trying to cut costs to me. I'm all for lessening the impact on the environment, but needing to change nappies and wash clothes more often is less green than just using a decent nappy in the first place.
  • Hi R0se. Thanks for posting.

    It might be worth pointing out that this is an old thread, with the last post (before yours) dating back to January 2012.

    In which case, Pampers Active Fit may have changed considerably since then.

    If you do decide to try them out, do please come back and let us know!

  • I tried the new active fit nappies on my 14 month old son today. We've used pampers ever since he was born and had no problems. Within 90 minutes of wearing the nappy, I noticed a rash on the top of his left thigh. When I removed the nappy, his bottom was almost completely covered by an urticaric-type rash. This had to be due to the nappy as nothing else has changed- same detergent, fabric conditioner, no changes in diet etc.... It most certainly was not nappy rash- for a start nappy rash doesn't develop over an hour or so. So what's going on? In fairness, Pampers were extremely helpful when I contacted them and have assured me that they will look into why this happened.

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