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  • thanks for letting me know about the facebook page am now a fan (emma austin). Emma Marshall x
  • Think this a very good idea-despite not winning!!!image
  • Hi guys!

    It's been a while but I have some more competition winners to announce!

    Massive congrats to these 7 x winners who have bagged themselves breastfeeding bits and bobs from Anna Cecelia/ Lily Padz and Bebe au Lait!

    • Claire Shardlow
    • Emily Shepperson
    • Kirsty Meredith
    • Kerri Simpson
    • Jodie Preece   
    • Jennifer Clarke
    • Jenny Mallinson

    Are you a winner? Let us know if you are! image

    Kyrsty @ MFM X

  • Me again....

    More great news for these lucky winners of the..... Boots Children's Multivitamin Gummy Bears packs

    • Audrey Jones      
    • Carly Dykes Carly
    • Linda Wiles
    • Jo Carpenter
    • Kirsty Cowley 
    • Rachael Caunt
    • Jennifer Hamilton
    • Rachael Brewitt
    • Dawn Brown
    • Rowena Slyfield

    Check back each week for more winners updates!

    Let us know if the winner is you! image

    Kyrsty @ MFM x

  • Congrats to winners sadly not me but hope everyone is made up with there wins!!!!image
  • Congratulations all image Enjoy your fab prizes image
  • Hear, hear, congratulations!

  • Hi everyone!

    It's that time again where we announce the lucky winners of our fabulous competitions!

    The winners of the Barbie film premiere tickets are.... (drum roll)......

    • Sam Root 
    • Linda Mason
    • Sabrina Kapur
    • Helen Hunt
    • Veronica Lopez-Smith
    • Beth Castle
    • Lisa Clark
    • Becky Perring
    • Michelle Caron
    • Rebecca jones
    Well done ladies! Your tickets will be in the post for you soon - MFM will be there on Saturday so look out for us!

    Don't miss out - carry on entering in our Win & Free and it might be you next time!
  • Hi everyone!

    The latest competition winner is....

    Charmaine Faulds!  image

    She has won the ticket to the Thomas the Tank film premiere happening tomorrow at London's Leicester Square!

    Congrats Charmaine!

    Kyrsty @ MadeForMums x

  • OMG CHARMAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image WHEY HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage You jammy lucky lucky girl, ENJOY!!!!!!!!
  • horray!!! WELL DONE!!!!

    so glad a regular has finally won something, its nice people winning and that but i think there should be more thats aimed at us who actually make real use of this siteimage


    I only got the email yesterday afternoon so trying to organise things for this morning.

    Harry has been a bit unwell,  not sleeping so well cause a little poorly so was in two minds if to take him today but he has woken in fine spirits and no temperature so would hate to miss this opportunity, and they dont come around too often.

    I am sooo excited!   THis is harrys first trip to the cinema, we were going to go alone but my sister has agreed to bring his cousin Max as Harry really wants them to come although max is just Under 2 so we are hoping he will sit still.

     I couldnt get to sleep last night thinking, can we go, please let harry be ok, and thinking about how excited he might be when he gets there

    I dont very often win anything, so couldnt beleive it when I got the email

    Thanks MFM!!

    Mummabear - if you lived closer I would have taken you as my +1 adult and 1 child as I know you and your boys love THomas too!    THought it would be too far for you to get to especially at short notice.  Laura good to see you back on here.

    I will take lots of picutres and try and get them on here, although i always struggle to uip load the,

    Have a good day!

  • Aw aren't you sweet!!!!!! Yes far too far,but I so appreciate the thought x x

    Hope you had a fabulous time,pls let us know all about it x x

  • Congratulations,Charmaine.Hope you have a lovely timeimage
  • Congratulations! Have a lovely time image
  • I won a baby boquet last month!! thanks mfm!!!

    well done to all you winners!!
  • hope you had a fab time hun, saw on facebook that little man was thoroughly spoilt, it sounds brilliantimage
  • Hello,

    Thanks we had a brilliant time, I am at work today but will post some more info & a picture or two if I can work it out ... this evening.


  • Can't wait Charmaineimage sorry to hear Harry wasn't 100% but I'm sure he enjoyed it x

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