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Talkback: Denise Van Outen gives up breastfeeding because of paparazzi


  • I had my 3rd child late last year, and I remember breast feeding my first son 24 years ago, sat in the back seat of my car and a women taping on the window, and telling me it was disgusting, I replied with a few choice words, to mind her business. If your baby is hungry then they need to have there food!! I would like to say now im a little older and I am really blessed to have my baby girl, and breastfeed her and intend to do so for as long as my baby need me, it's the most natural thing for a mothers to do for there babies, and creates a special bond between whish is never broken.
    It's such a shame that new mums feel they can't do the most natural thing in the world to feed and give there babies the best start.
  • It sounds to me like Denise Van Outen is thinking of herself and not her baby. Of course, it's her choice, but I think the paparazzi excuse is pretty weak. A woman who thinks it's perfectly acceptable to get her breasts out for men's magazines, but not for feeding her child. Hmmm... There are ways around it. I fed in public, but always covered up. Muslin squares, scarves, specialist tops. There are things out there to help and aid public breastfeeding. If she wanted her partner to feed their daughter (another of her "reasons" to stop BF) then she could have expressed.

    Thing is, she is making excuses when she doesn't need to. There are ways around all the things she offers as reasons not to BF. She comes across as a very nervous first time Mum, which all first time Mums are. I think she just needed a confidence boost perhaps. The whole Post Office example she gives... who cares if your baby is crying?! I'm sure no one cared, and it they did, so what? She just needed milk. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Is she really saying that she gave up BF partly because of the pressure of everyone knowing who she is? Sad, sad, sad.
  • I concur with the other readers that it is a shame that Denise Van Outen has decided against breast-feeding. This is AFTER several weeks of establishing this way of feeding and having time to enjoy this bonding time with her new baby, Betsy.

    I do understand why she doesn't want to be 'caught' out in public (especially when public opinion is still dead set against breast feeding and there are so many non-baby friendly places out there. Having read with horror about other peoples' experiences, I am not surprised. What about expressing milk and feeding this to her baby instead whilst she grew in confidence??? Plus this might have helped to increase her milk production.

    It is a shame though that she has not felt strong enough to stick up for her basic rights but also that of young girls and fans of Ms Van Outen's that will be watching her and waiting to be shown an example...
    I wonder how many other babies will miss out on being breastfed as a result???!!
  • I'd be guessing that it's also a lot to do with weight loss. You need to eat and drink enough to produce milk. Some people just don't feel comfortable doing that.

    If she's giving up for the wrong reasons then I think it's hugely sad - bub missing out on the best nutrition.

    If it's because of the paps then people should boycott magazines that show pics like that - simple supply and demand.
  • "If it's because of the paps then people should boycott magazines that show pics like that - simple supply and demand."

    Too true! I can't imagine what kind of magazine would publish the pics. What would the caption be?! Personally, if it was me, I would be proud to have the pics published to show that you CAN breastfeed in public with confidence. But as I said before, I always covered up and it would just be a pic of me with a muslin square draped over my shoulder! 

  • i think it's awful that any woman should be made to feel this way. breastfeeding should be the most natural thing in the world and i am so grateful that i have been able to do it as it is even more beautiful than i ever could have imagined (ok, it was a bit weird at first but i soon got over it!!), but i absolutely HATE doing it when i'm out, so completely understand. i am put off going anywhere public on my own in case i have to feed her, especially in the town where i live as there are no mother and baby rooms or no-where that feeding is welcome.

    so on the other hand, i cant help but feel that should she have been caught on camera feeding, that it would have been such a good example for the rest of the country and other mums would have felt supported as it would raise awareness that it is a normal thing to do, and nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable about it.

    i think its a shame that she and so many other women have missed out on a very special (but very short) time because of small minded people, and it's about time that the UK caught up with the rest of the world and accept breasts as the feeding implements that they were intended for and not just for fun!
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