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Talkback: Rise in women choosing pets over children


  • I had dogs before I had children, but I always knew I wanted children.  I did have both for a while, sadly my last dog died 3 days before my third child was born.
  • Ha ha I so enjoyed reading this,and to a certain extent I agree. I went through 26 years saying I'd never have children,my poor mum had pictures of my dogs on her mantel!!!!!!

    It's not that I had anthroporphism.....but they were slightly spoilt,when I worked they went to a pet sitter,which made me feel guilty,and I was always rushing home from everwhere so they weren't alone!!!!

    After meeting my fella and having the boys(sadly 1 dog died when eldest son was 4mths,had to have other put to sleep a year ago) I wonder if that's why I chose to be SAHM after the guilt I felt leaving the dogs????

    I would have more dogs in an instant,but my eldest is so scared of dogs,which is strange because our dogs were large and he lived with them 2yrs. A pet will NEVER replace the company a human can give,but they are a source of company and I still miss mine!
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