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Talkback: Size 18 school uniform: big seller for M&S


  • *or over, sorry. My size 18 shirt must be blocking my literacy skills.
  • I agree, when you're in your late teens and have grown up and developed sizes don't matter as long as you feel healthy and look after yourself.

    But it's pretty worrying that children just starting school are already as big as an average 8 year old. If children are getting that much bigger that quickly it would be irresponsible to ignore the evidence when it affects their health. It's not a good start to their school life if they're already seriously overweight at the beginning.

    i think the best thing the government could do is to make good food cheaper and things that are quick and easy to cook for busy mums low in fat and additives and all the bad stuff. cos it's still cheaper and quicker to make an unhealthy dinner than a healthy one...
  • can I just say, i'm a seventeen year old and I have to buy a size 18 shirt, not because of obesity, but because of my height and my chest size. It's not just obesity thats causing this, I think its great that they're bringing out bigger sizes. A size 18 isn't that big, I don't see what the fuss is about. Stop telling us girls that we don't have to conform to the skinny stereotype and in the next sentance tell us its wrong to be a size 14 or older.
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