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Talkback: Hospital bag checklist - what to pack for your labour


  • I'd rang the hospital because I'd heard different things when speaking to a few people. I was glad I did. The most recent person to have a baby I knew said the hospital had everything. When I called they said the provide milk, a fitted sheet for their cots but no blankets etc. Having said that it was completely different with each of my girls so it's possibly a case of who you get looking after you on the day.
  • I don't think the change of clothes in labour is about looks (because I agree, you don't care!), I think it's about changing if you've gotten really sweaty and uncomfy or been sick on yourself. it happens! :)
  • The change of clothes isn't about looks. I stayed over night and my waters broke whilst I was still in my p.j bottoms. Not pleasent at all! Not to mention we get sweaty and stinky too. We may not care all too much during labour and pushing (although the whole waters braking YES!) you will afterwards when things are calmer.
  • I can't imagine many women, once they're in labour, worrying about changing their clothes! Once the contractions are coming thick and fast you won't care what you look like!
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