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Talkback: Sneak Peek - Thomas & Friends – Misty Island Rescue DVD


  • Andrew is a big Thomas fan,and its on his christmas list! he is obsessed-for the last 14months we have watched thomas dvds and played with his Thomas track every single day!! 
  • Aww I still love Thomas,but my Tom is going off himimage have to coherse Jc into liking him,and the next one!!!!!!! I love playing track!!!!!!
  • you should come to ours, Andrew would have arare time with you!!<img />
  • He is MORE than welcome here!!!!!!! as long as he lets me have Rosie(she's my train!!!)image
  • of course!  he has just gotten 'The Pack' (alfie, and all that lot)  so they are his favourite just now, we have to take at least three of them wherever we go!  My bag is always full of them, then he wonders why he has none for the track when it comes out! lol
  • Oh I love the pack,Kelly is my fave!!!! Well I have a list of who I like,Tom always recites it in public thinking he'll embarass me-NO CHANCE!!!! Spencer,he's mean sleak and silver,Kely he's blue and cute,Rosie,she has freckles like me,and Henry he had to have special welsh coal(I have just realised how sad I truly am,and perhaps I shouldn't encourage anymore train buying/playing)!!!!!!!!!

    I'll post some pics of us this afternoon playing track......


    I will apologise for Jc's lack of bottom half attire-what can I say??? The guy likes to be free!!!!!

  • Love the pics, we have take along thomas, so the plastic track but still as much fun, he loves building the track, love it when he makes the trains talk to each other spencer is always getting stuck in the muddy marsh (as on Hero of the rails) and Hiro comes to help.  

    Just trying to pic on here of H with his the other day but the flippin computer wont let me!!


    hmm why can I copy photos I have put on face book but not directly from my computer/phone!   We are playing trains again already 8am this morning!! Just off to help harry build the track!
  • Your pics are all fab girls!!

    Track building has become a bit of a competition in our house, but i think i am winning!!haha!!

    I dont really have any favourites i must confess, but I think i must also be as sad as you mummabear for knowing most of their names!!  Oh, and of course-the songs!!  We have an albums worth on daddy's ipod-which we all sing along too (yes i know, that is really really sad! image

  • Charmaine your track looks fab!!!!!image Wow is that a station? is it Knapford? We only have tunnels,I was looking out for a station but as they seem to be going off trains nowimage I didn't get one.

    Bad enough I had lego for mothers day,can't really have stations for christmas!!!!!!

    Lynne so pleased I'm not the only one who knows the words to the songs!!!!!!image In a way I think it's sad,but on another level I'm thinking it's good to get involved with what your son enjoys!!! So yeah maybe I will look for a station!!!!!!image

    Carry on with the track making ladies!!!!!

  • Hiya

    No its the washdown, we have one bridge, one tunnel, a road bridge (for the fat controllers car apparently!)  There are some muddy patches which Harry calls the Muddy Marsh from one of the books / film.  There are bits for some signs and signals which we didnt put in too, its plastic thugh, I love those wooden ones, but martin got it on offer in tesco last christmas but think might get him some bits to go with it this year - like maybe cranky or a station etc -  I am getting better at the track building with all the practice!

    Lego - why not and if you want a statin for christmas - go for it girl!   Your new baby boy is sure to love it soon enough!!

    Its great fun eh, a timeless classic - who needs barbie eh!

  • Barbie indeed!!!!! Couldn't get on with her when I was young!!!! Had a thing for star wars figures!!!!

    Ooh lego is definately my fave,had a house building kit(for mothers day) and a huge tub for my birthdayimage but all I do is build flats/houses/bungalows!!!!!!

    Lads are sick of my window boxes and driveways!!!!!

    I'd get cranky for sure,I was looking at one for the wooden set,all mine is second hand,just add to it when I have spare cash,but was very fortunate,my friend with older boys found a huge brio kit in her loft which we had given to us,that started the obsession really!!!!

    So ours is all odds and sods,but fits together great,and we have a bridge which they love,but I do need some station of some sort......maybe a browse on ebay later!!!!

  • I am an ebayer myself, think you can get some bargains but have to watch out you dont get carried away - which I have done on ocassions!!  Also watch out for the shipping costs as sometimes that takes you close to the cost of a new one.

    I bought Harry a Thomas Scooter on there the other day for 99p!!!  Bargain!  I got our easel on there too for about £6 - they are £40 in elc new, the same with his little kitchen elc from ebay.

     I like lego too used to love it as a kid, think will get harry a bigger set for xmas / birthday so I can use it, Martin has a lot of his old lego from when he was a boy along with the old metal corgi type cars/fire engines/tankers which harry plays with too.

    I was a little bit of a tom boy when I was younger, not so much in to the hair/make up etc. Help me if I ever had a girl, not sure I could deal with the long hair etc lol

    Hope you are keeping well?

  • My wee girl loves Thomas almost as much as Andrew!!

    Its quite sad when they start to grow out of it, Connor is a closet Thomas fan after the boys in his class starting ribbing him about it, it was a wee shame!  We are getting Andrew some more Thomas for christmas, though we are fast running out of space, not sure that we will be able to put it all up altogether for much longer, though daddy's idea is to clear the living room one day and get it all up!

  • I'm keeping great thanks Charmaine. Massive ebayer myself,but have learned about the gambling war as I call it,ie getting carried away and paying virtually full price!!

    Oh I'm so pleased your DD loves Thomas Lynne,that's so nice to hear. Mmmm our Tom claims he's into Ben 10,but I think he's heard that somewhere,as he's only seen cartoon couple of times,so of course if Tom likes it so does Jc,quite strange having a 2yr old shout hero time!!!image

    They grow up way too fast,wish Tom still loved Thomas the tank and fireman sam,but alas ben 10 the rage for him,and transformers???? Had 1 figure,I managed to break it within half hourimage apparently it didn't transform the 'logical' way,I'm guessing a man made it!!!!!!!!

    We all enjoy lego here,Ian included,just wish I'd kept urs as children,my brother had a massive collection,and we car booted the lot 3 mths before I got pregnant with Tom! Typical!

  • That will be on harry's birthday present list! He loved the last one "hero of the rails".

    Although he is a big fan of toy story now he still loves thomas. May give this one a go at the cinema - first trip to the cinema.
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