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Talkback: New dad Jamie Oliver critisised for holding Buddy Bear the wrong way!


  • You can criticise when you learn to spell criticise.
  • Hi Emma,

    Thanks for spotting our spelling error - we've now corrected that oversight! We check and double-check our pieces, but even we have our human moments :)

    The intention of the story was not to criticise dear Jamie, but to report on the news headlines surrounding him and to empathise with him in his new-baby fatigued state. As we said, Buddy Bear was not at all bothered!

  • As I say, it is very easy to be critical of someone else's minor mistakes!
  • Gosh it's his child leave him be. There are numerous children out there that are in severely deprived situations or in dangerous homes maybe we should be writing about how we can help them instead??

    I remember when i gave birth to my son the way they dragged him out was not in any way delicate if you get my meaning, children are tougher and not as fragile as some may think!!!!

    I hope Jamie and family enjoy there new little one xx
  • I'm sure Jamie is a good dad. If that's the only thing he is doing 'wrong', his children will be looked after alright. Most people are not perfect parents, and it's very easy to be critical of someone else's minor mistakes.

    Congratulations to the Oliver family on the birth of their new baby.
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