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Talkback: Silver Cross Surf travel system


  • i also bought the surf pram iv now had for 4mths i no longer use as i cant unfold to get into cars even the girls i bought the pram from cant unfold the raincover is a nightmare to even put on its a waste of 450pounds i wont be recamending to anyone i am very disapointed as my gran and mum have had silvercross prams in our family this is nothing like the other silvercross prams its more for show than safe its not safe i really hate it and now dont no what to do as i want to put it back i feel let down louise mackenzie
  • Hi, can't you get a refund. I have had silvercross surf now for 6 weeks and it is back in the workshop for the second time because the folding mechanism has jammed. It seems to be a design fault as I know someone else with the same problem. If it is a fault with the pushchair you should be able to get your money back. Also there is a little catch to fold down the pushchair if mechanism has jammed. You have to turn chassis upside down and its a catch underneath near the red button. It will collapse the pram.
  • i hate the pushcair ive never none such a small baby carry cot my baby lookes to big in it shopping basket is bad horrible to fold down im taking mine back to mothercare i paid to mush for such a dissapointment
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