Talkback: Pregnant Lily Allen sports super high heels during shopping trip


  • Haha no way - I could barely keep my balance in flats!
  • always flats for me, i tried heels before and ended up aching and almost breaking my neck, these days at 29 weeks pregnant i am sporting trainers, very comfty lol image
  • I am so clumsy I never used to wear high heels at the best of times.   When I was pregnant, no way would I wear large heels, too scared I would fall over and even after I had Harry a bit nervous in case I was carrying him and I went flat on my face!

    You are lucky to be wearing trainers I was too swollen none of my shoes would fit me and I had to wear flipflops in October & November but when you are preganant dont feel the cold too much LOL!

    Sarah glad you managed to put your post in!

  • I wore whatever went with my outfit! Heels cause no harm to the baby and only a slightly increased risk to the mother so i fail to see what everybody gets so excited about when celebs wear heels, it's not like they are doing a marathon in them!
  • I feel sorry for her. How much pressure must she feel to maintain her "fashionable" image that she subjects herself to such ridiculous footwear?? But hey. it worked, she made the gossip pages again.

    Personally, it was converse and flat Clarks ankle boots all the way... at least until the swelling in my ankles ruled out the boots. Funnily enough, the converse are still on, what with running after a 2 year old...

  • I would probably twist my ankle if I wore high heels.  I wear flat shoes or usually trainers.
  • I have been wearing High Heels since 14, I love them! I will wear them and have worn them through hail sleet and snow LOL. All this negative nonsense of High Heels is nonsense! I have never had a problem with them. As Marilyn Monroe said a woman can conquer the world with High Heels!

    I am six feet tall in stocking feet and all my High Heels are at least six inches. The best part my 6'4' husband has to look up to me when I am wearing them LOL!
  • I didn't have the energy to wear heels really when I was pregnant with my daughter. I am 19 weeks now with my second and feel much the same. They are for special occasions only haha! I am going out Saturday night and will brave a pair of 3" heels but they will go on at the last minute and come off the moment I walk back through the door!

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