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Talkback: Couples want firstborn baby to be a boy


  • Well said!
    I think sometimes its nice to have an older girl, they want to look after their baby brother/sister rather than jump all over them!
    Some people are not ever blessed with children image
  • Very true,I always say I'd be lost with a girl,but lets face it,if I had the choice it would be house of girlies rather than none!

    I'm pleased with my chaps thoughimage

  • My sister has 2 boys and would be quite happy with a third, I was never worried either way when pregnant wiht harry just thrilled to be pregnant!  If I was blessed with more I wouldnt mind either
  • I've been blessed with my far share of each.I just assumed my first would be a boy because I was always told by DH's family how there hadn't been a girl in the family for 70 years,so I assumed there was something to what they said.Sure enough Harry was a boy,and I was very pleased to have a girl second.I think the boy first to take care of the others is something you think about,but I think also a big sister does that in other ways

    We're at 4:3 now and the girls are winning.I had boy girl girl,boy girl girl,then boy so my girls are lucky I suppose,I always wanted a sister close in age.I was glad with Arthur and again Merlin that it wouldn't be pink again this time.

    But I agree that any child's a blessing ,as long as they're healthy.

  •  This post is very interesting indeed. I am currently TTC but i can say i would be very happy what ever i get as long as my baby is healthy. I have always in the past years said i'd like a little girl as i always dream of doing her hair and dressing her in really pretty clothes and shoes and going shopping with her when she is older but like i say now i have been struggling to concieve it has made me realise we should be happy what ever we get as loing as they are heatlhy and we can provide them with a healthy, happy life. Those people who i hear saying oh i'm having aboy/ girl and would rather the opposite make me sick. So so sorry if that offends anyone but they should be greatful they can even have a child never mind be fussy over the sex of the little bundle of joy!! x
  • I had a girl,boy then 2 girls and am very happy and grateful that I had healthy babies :)
  • I don't get how having a boy first means that they'll automatically want to take care of the younger ones? Seems a bit silly. I never thought I would be bothered about the gender but when I was pregnant, I was hoping for a girl but that was only because I couldn't come up with a boy's name!
  • That does go through your mind - a boy first to look after the younger ones. But I had a girl first, and was over the moon. My 2nd baby was a boy, and hubby was delighted, he had wanted a son. Then we got another girl, then another boy, and at the end of the day, a healthy baby is all that any of us want.

    A friend of mine has 2 girls, and they would like to try for another to get a son. I said wouldn't they rather get a healthy girl than a disabled boy? Unfortunately, we don't get to choose what we get, we are all lucky to get any.
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