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  • Elaine, could you tell me the name of your store please, I'd like to avoid it if you continue to sell a product by the hundred that you believe to be of sub standard quality and has constant problems. I've had the PS Kurvi 4 for months without issue.

  • it looks very similar to the Aruba they used to do that was sold in Mothercare the we had so many issues with wheels coming off constantly & the twist handle to collapse it broke all the time. It's a shame when they go wrong. We bought such a cheap one after that & it has been excellent. Hope you get it fixed. image
  • ive had my kurvi 4 for 3 months hardly used it and one of the back wheel has come of, what a waste, in the past ive used cheaper pushchairs an they never let you down an go on for year. Does anyone now if you can get spare parts to the pushchair i.e wheels image
  • Hi

    Try Nursery they have parts, but I'm with you on this one what a waste of money.  Brake kept sticking, front swivel wheel kept locking, cot felt loose and unsafe and worst of all Petite Star say 'You cannot change the seat position with a child in it'  There you are then the icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

  • If your having trouble with the wheels check with who you bought it from about what is covered. Mothercare said they covered all moving parts for 1 year. We'd used ours for 6 months and got a full refund due to safety. It took an hour, demanding to speak to the regional manager and refusing to leave the store but if the buggy isn't safe and fit for the purpose they sold it, why should they keep your money. I was so cross that the wheel came off in the middle of the road that it was the last straw.
  • Thank you for your advice, I have already taken in back to the retailer, but they insisted on sending it back to Petite Star for repair, and it's due back this weekend.  In the meantime when I phoned Petite Star they told me that the pushchair seat cannot be adjusted whilst the child is in it.  I find this incredulous, what purpose is an adjustable seat for if it can't be adjusted with a child in it.  I have checked with other manufacturers and none of them advise parents that their seats cannot be adjusted with a child in them.  Aaarh! I am so annoyed with this pram, the retailer and Petite Starimage
  • I hope it works better when you get it back. That seems like a stupid design. Really odd. I don't blame you for being annoyed. We got told our buggy would have to go back and that we had to give them 3 chances to repair it. I think I was just a bit too stroppy by then because it didn't say that in writing anywhere so I wasn't budging. Lol. Strange enough, I went across the car park to Toys R Us and bought a £35 stoller that we have used to death and it was perfect. Just sold it on Ebay for £10 so not bad. Some retailers and manufacturers should be ashamed with the service and products.

  • I dont understand how this product has a rating of 4.5/5 . .

    We are a retailer and have sold literally hundreds of these, and they are one of the most problematic pushchairs we have ever sold.

    Constant problems with the pivoting arms and quality make these a 1/5 in my book. 

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