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Talkback: 10 of the best double buggies


  • i love my phil and teds, but recently my eldest who is only just turned 3 has not liked being in it at all but wants to be in the buggy, its a bit disapointing as its a dream to use, hes too old to warrant another new one just wish id kept my mac twin techno. as recently trips to zoo, christmas fetes etc, one of them can never see such a pita, first time ive encountered this though!

    but my all time fave is Icandy pear, id have another any day. just a shame the seats are so small and i had to sell it image

  • Good old tandem for me,after the love affair with Phil&teds endedimage  the Jane twin tandem has had excellent reviews!
  • image well we all have our favourites! image

    I love Phil&Teds - and my girls too - fortunately! image But I understand each child is different that's why we have so many in shops image.
  • hi any1 know what icandy pear double buggy is like as iv got a 6 mth old and 1 due in 4 mths and iv been looking at the icandy pear as iv got a bugaboo at the mo and love it but gonna have to get a double ;).
  • My Phil and Teds Dash has been fab but now my daughter is getting a bit bigger and my son wants a better view, I have swapped the back seat for a seat to go so one can stand or sit at the back without tipping it up. Haven't tried it out and about yet, hopefully it will do the trick. The only thing I don't like is the brake, I hadn't seen it before I bought it and I thought handlebar brake what a good idea. However it needs 2 hands to operate it, which is a bit of a pain if you are carrying anything.
  • hi everyone hope your well,im sammy and have four boys aged 18,13 and 16 months and one due in october,really hoping for a girl this time as have three boys. Whats everyones thoughts on double prams and buggies? i will need one as finley will only be two when new baby comes,like the side by side ones but worried about the room when going in shops,finley is big for his age so will need a sturdy buggie or pushchair.
  • hi i have just ordered a jane power twin as liked the thought of being able to clip carseat onto the back, has anyone had 1? i have heard the seats are quite small which is bit of a worry as my 2 an a half year old will be sitting up front. x
  • i really want to get the phil and teds as so lightweight and small in lenght.daughter will be 19 months when babys born so will be perfect esp as when shes too big it can turn into a single.have a maclaren twin techno atm but h8 it as its 2 wide :(
  • It has to be Phil & Ted doesnt it! For children that have an age gap of course. Even if my big ones walking it makes for extra space for my handbag/shopping!!
  • Wow! I'm amazed you missed off the Baby Jogger City Mini! I am a mum of twins and I'd say 8 out of 10 of the other twin mothers I know on and off line have this pushchair - many trading in their beautiful iCandy after only a few months due to the seats being so cramped. It folds in one easy movement, easy to push and steer, fits almost anywhere a wheelchair would fit, on the bus - its virtues go on! And at £300 is a complete bargain! I heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a double buggy!
  • I tried a Mamas and Papas T2, but when I got it, it was very heavy and complicated to use. My 2 year old wanted to sit up top and not in the parcel shelf, so got rid of it. Now got a N ipper 360 side by side, 3 wheeler which is awesome. Need a big car boot, but its so easy to use and both children can see. Lots of pockets too!

  • I have a phil and teds but unfortunetly i hate it :O always getting flat tyres and have damaged a wheel due to this, boys fighting over back and front, child underneath always sticking hands into wheels, will not fit into my car boot without being dismantled i want a side by side now but want a cheap one but one that can be used off road for walking any suggestions ???

  • phil and ted are the best double buggies i have seen in ages
  • Although I'm holding out for the new raspberry from icandy a friend has the peach blossom and frankly I'm completely bored of hearing how wonderful it is. I tried it as a single as you can change it from a single to double buggy anytime, but I like the idea of the raspberry that doesn't need a carry cot.
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