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Talkback: Debate surrounds Ed Miliband’s formula milk comment


  • Surely as a aparent we should not be ostracised for the manner in which we choose to feed our children?  Both my children were combination fed from birth - one was prem and needed combination feeding, the other had low blood sugar and needed formula top ups.  I refuse to feel guilty that I was unable to breast feed exclusively and feel that people should not be judging anyone on the way they feed their child.
  • It's all about personal choice.

    No one knows the story behind their decision so leave them alone.
  • Ok it was stupid of him to name the brand but why do the BBC who don't advertise do interviews in supermarkets full of brand names on the shelves in the first place?

    Whether the baby is formula feed or breastfed is nothing to do with anyone but his parents, maybe he suddenly realised he had better buy more before he went home!

  • This is ridiculous. I couldnt physically feed my son and we later found out this was due to tongue tie but i dont feel guilty as he is happy, healthy and actually achieving all the miletones early!! This poor bloke said something which, yeah, he probably shouldnt have but give him a break its exhausting being a parent - im always putting my foot in it. oh yes also I didnt realise if public figures put their heads in a fire we would all do it!!

    Rant over

  • I breastfeed and I think it's up to them if they bottle or bf. Sometimes it just doesn't work, they are doing what's right for there family and shouldn't be judged if they don't BF.
  • shouldnt people be more worried about thier own children!! also he thinks the milk is 0-3 months i dont bottlefeed so i dont know but i thought first formula was for 0-6 months then follow on milk from 6 months?? maybe someone should let him know lol
  • It was just Ed Milliband being Ed Milliband,dithering a bit,looking awkward,saying the wrong thing.Wondering if he might be another Boris,but without the charisma .Alright he shouldn't be endorsing any brand,I don't think he could do that even if he had intended to,but from the clip I saw it was a passing comment when he was doing something unrelated in a supermarket.

    I do think too many people have too much too say about how people live their lives,especially when it comes to the decisions we make with regards to our children.Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed,you're still feeding your baby.I've been lucky too have been able to breastfeed some of my children,but I've also had to bottlefeed some of them because it just did not work.It's made absolutely no difference to their health or well being.All parents have a right to make an informed decision based on what suits them ,their baby and their circumstances without the breastfeeding zealots appearing  to pat themselves on the back because they did so well,and passing judgement on those who don't.

  • I think by making more fuss of it than is really needed is quite silly tbh! ok,so he made a mistake-it's hardly the end of the world tho!

    Whether people (politicans included) decide to use formula or breastfeed is an entirely personal choice-at the end of the day most parents would rather have a contented bottle-fed child than a miserable breastfed baby -it's not always as easy as these experts think!
  • "However, one midwife from Kent has accused the BBC of breaching those advertising rules. "Would he be seen putting his child in a car without a car seat? Or would he smoke in that supermarket?" she argued."

    You can't compare something that is RECOMENDED to something that is LAW.

    I bottle fed my 10 month old from birth. It was MY choice. I am his mother and I will decide how to feed him. As long as I am not putting his safety at risk it's nobody elses business.

    Well done Ed, be proud of your parenting choices!
  • I cannot believe that this is even 'up for debate' they can do whatever THEY decide for THEIR child and frankly it has NOTHING to do with anyone! There could be many reasons why they have made this choice! He isnt feeding the child arsenic!!!!! Wether he is a politician or not or whatever the WHO says this is about his child which is HIS business not the whole of Britain! This is appalling that this article is even on your website!! Giving it further exposure!! And shame on you who thinks it is their business to comment negatively about the Milibands decision to make their OWN decision about their baby!!!!
  • I think it's up to the individual families what works for them & it some cases it's not a matter of choice. It may be better to breastfeed but I think too many people stick their nose in & start to judge when it's really nothing to do with them. I fed both my girls with formula & they are well cared for, fit & healthy. I think there it too much pressure from the press, the public & health officials to push breastfeeding on people. If you are depressed after it can make things even worse but people don't mind banging on because they think they are right. The best thing I found was someone I used to work with was quite rude about me bottle feeding until I pointed out she was fat then I said that was nothing to do with me the same as what I do was nothing to do with her. it just gets me so cross that people can't enjoy their babies for all the niggles of other. Ok, I'm done now ;0)
  • There are many many reasons why his son is being bottle fed - none of them are our business. In this day and age if we are so easily influenced by a celebrity or politician saying what they do then we are fools. My daughter was bottle fed after an aborted attempt at breast feeding, and she is a happy healthy 2 year old now. We all know what the WHO says and that the advice is breast exclusively for 6 months, but we really need to stop treating mums who choose to bottle feed as though they are lesser beings.
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