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Talkback: UK to say no to 20 weeks’ maternity leave at full pay


  • If the government's going to foot the bill, fine ......otherwise it's unfair to businesses, and making it less likely for them to want to employ women of childbearing age.
  • Regardless of whether mums go back to work or not, I think Dad's should have at least a minimum of 2 weeks paid paternity leave.
  • Who is going to pay for this?????? Companies have more than likely had to get somebody in to cover maternity leave and will then be expected to pay 20 weeks for somebody that isn't working. There will be no small businesses left. We will be going back to a time where companies will ask you at interview if you plan on having children.
  • I do think in some respects that they should continue with favouring the mother first of all - physically and mentally you need time to recover and adjust. 20 weeks full pay would be great, but we haven't got it bad at the moment and small businesses already really struggle.
  • They should make it parental leave: 20 weeks for the main caregiver two weeks minimum for the other (or to be divided equally)

    That way it won't have an impact (or not as bad an impact) on female employment as it wold be equally available to men.

    Obviously more women would be likely to take the longer time (if only because it's easier to breastfeed than to express, early on at least) but the option should be there.
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