• Hai,
    i m trying for my pregnancy for 1.5 years. I already taking treatement. But this time dr told that they will inject my husband's sperm directly into my ovaries. My cycles were not regular earlier. but after taking treatment, its regular now. My question is that, will i become pregnant by this method immediately or it has to take several cycles. Please advice me as i m keen to become mom.
  • I had a mmc and was treated with a medical management in March. I then had to have a D&C for retained tissue....it is nice to hear success stories as I am currently ttc before my first cycle..fingers crossed
  • Hi, i started going to military fitness mid april once a week (60 minute sessions). My husband and I are trying for a baby..will i still be able to continue military fitness once pregnant or should i find an alternative?
    Many thanks
  • There is an iPhone app that tells you how big the baby will be from the bump size. Baby Birth Weight in the app store.
  • At what time should i give my lo his first baby rice???
  • its hurting when my baby moves and wen i walk is it sumthin b worried about?
  • I asked to be screened for this in late pregnancy. I got a testing kit from a private company and asked my midwife to carry it out. She refused but said she'd do it within the NHS. Anyway I went to hospital to give birth and was told I'd need antibiotics as I had tested positive for GBS. However there was no time as I gave birth within the hour. Therefore my baby and I stayed in hospital for 48 hours after the birth so my baby could be observed for early onset of the illness. Thsnkfully she was fine. But I was relieved to know if anything did go wrong we would have been in the right place. There are many issues to consider. It's not easy to routinely test. Just be because you test positive for GBS does not mean you will necessarily pass it onto to baby nor will you necessarily still be positive during labour. Also giving antibiotics during labour on a large scale has many problems within itself. I'm not sure how to get around this problem but something obviously needs to be done. Perhaps an observational stay in hospital for any babies whose mothers test positive the GBS test?
  • bought a tomy freestyle fleece and got a head cushion with it, its got like a press stud button but still don't know where it goes??
  • Very cute ideas. I think for that age it's best to keep it simple but to have a few nice things you can keep, treasure and give them when they are older as memories :)

  • i am thinking about having a third child my first son is 5 in september my baby is 13 month old. will it be a good idea im worried about dividing my time

  • My best buy was a Lindham day and night feeding system, my son was feeding every 3 hours for ages every time we left my room I would disturb my daughter, so my hubby got ths system it was brilliant we used it with nuk tall bottles it heats perfectly, quickly and with virtually no disruption to anyone I would pop my son on my lap and check bottoms then bottle was ready and we would get the feed done simply and then back to bed, no shivering in the kitchen or wandering round the house, my little one was so relaxed and overnight feeding was just hassle free :) perfect would recommend to anyone a priceless piece of kit xx
  • I am 13 weeks and I have had thrush for 4 days and my doctor could not get me in so I went to the walk in centre and they gave something for my thrush later that day I had a bit of blood andiphone my midwife and she said used thrush things now to start to gettin rid of it. later. That night a bit more blood came with a little cot. (don't know if that was the tablet I put up there) and since then haven't had no blood and only lite pains like trapped wind. I'm so scared
  • Our top buys are our portable fabric high chair which can attach to most chairs to transform it into a highchair and also our snoozeshade.
  • hey so im 26 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy, im having really bad cramps and some sharp pain in my pelvic area and it feels like i have to poop but i dont. i dont know what to do or think can anyone help me out and let me know if they know whats going on please ?
  • So Im 17 weeks pregnant. I'm confused on who the father is because I was with a guy in the beginning of march. The last time I slept with him I think was either the 3rd 4th or 5th. And he did cumin inside me. Never slept with him again. Got with my first love of 6 years on the 15th. He cam inside me then and again on the 17th and 18th. I got my period on the 19th. Found out I was pregnant in April. Went to the doctors and they told me I was 9 weeks 4 days pregnant and that my due date was Dec. 24th going by my last period. Got an ultra sound done the next week n he did a date scan and said I was due Dec.24th also. So then I went to my second doc. App. And I was suppose to be 15 weeks that day and the doc told me going by your ultrasound your 16 weeks and my due date is Dec. 17th. So I'm really confused on the father. So I'm 17 weeks and week 1 goes back to march 19th. So I don't know who I got pregnant by. Please help me and give me good advice. I pray every day that the father is my first love!!!!!!!!! Please help me!!!!!!!
  • I have a 23 month old son that had MMR the childminder's 17 year old son got measles is my
    at risk getting it?
  • Toddler only falls asleep while being pushed in stroller and sleeps in stroller all night if I try to move her to her cot she'll sleep for an hour or two then wake and needs to be put back in stroller.... Help!
  • My little girl is now 3 and a half and we are still having problems with her both wetting and pooing her pants. She has had problems with constipation in the last year or so but we now have that sorted with stool softeners prescribed by our GP. Passing stools is no longer painful for her but she simply doesn't seem able to tell me that she needs to go to the toilet before she has marked or even pooed in her pants. I have tried incentives and star charts but nothing seems to be working. I don't want to get angry with her but it is starting to become an issue everyday and I am fed up of cleaning up poo and waning out dirty pants. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  • I miscarried 5days ago and i plan on trying as soon as i stop bleeding as my partner and i tried 18months for a baby, it was so hard cos the week before i had a scan and the baby was healthy and had a good heartbeat, but it obviously wasnt strong enough :( xx
  • my daughter has spd but she also had an operation on her back for scoliosis and has rods in her back, she is in pain all the time is there nothing that can be done for people like her?
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