Talkback: Essential breastfeeding equipment


  • Again not essential. Good old savoy cabbage leaves work much better.
  • Nipple creams haven't been proved to work and the cause of pain/damage should be looked at first as it's probably positioning and attachement that is causing the pain and this can usually be resolved by a breastfeeding counsellor/mother supporter.
  • Nipple shields should only be used in extreme cases of damage as they can hinder baby latching on correctly and therefore cause more pain and damage. They need to be fitted and positioned correctly too.
  • I think the only 'essential' item in this list is muslins! Obviously if you wish to express your breast milk to give in bottles you will need more equipment but not until you have established feeding. Things like cover up's & breast feeding cushions are luxuries & by no means essentials & I've never even heard of cooling pads!!
  • Hardly essential! A muslin works just as well but why cover up. The more society sees discreet breastfeeding the more it will be seen as the norm.
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