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Talkback: Your breastfeeding problems solved


  • hi kayla just a thought but could you lay a pillow under your arm and lay him length ways under your arm on the pillow (like a rugby ball) that way if he pulls off he can't go very far. The other thing i would say (and i know the breastfeeding expert probably won't agree!) is use a nipple shield if you are so sore you are at the point of quitting. You have done so amazingly well and you will only feel upset if feeding stops before you're ready, you may only have to do it for a couple of days by which point your nipples may have healed and your LO might have stopped this habit. babies go through phases of doing things, its very frustrating when they can't tell you why but in my experience these funny behaviours very rarely last.

    Ive breast fed for 12.5 months, solely with a nipple shield due to soreness and then lo wouldnt take the breast with out. he's grown beautifully and never had any supply issues so i think its important to do what you have to do to continue breast feeding, its all so subjective i dont think there can be one rule for what everyone should do.could luck and hope the change of position helps.

    just had another thought...if he's jerking maybe he has wind? give him a good wind prior to feed and try and avoid excessive crying etc that might build the wind up?

  • Thank you so much I think that I am going to give those a try. And Ireally don't want to have to stop bc I enjoy the bond I get with him. I didn't get that with my daughter bc I wasn't able to nurse her bc I was still in high school. So this is all so new to me and I don't know anyone other my sister that nursed and she doen't live near me so its hard to comunicate whats going on. But again thank you and I will give those a try and I really hope that this stops soon.

  • you've done amazing to get to 5 months, i know how many times you will have had to stick with it keep calm and carry on to get to where you are! only another month until he has food and then his feeds will quite rapidly cut down, so stick with it.

    breast feeding is amazing isnt it, i love it so much. i thought id be sad when the feeds cut down but its lovely to see lo enjoying his food too. still enjoy the morning and evening snuggles with him though and hope to do it as long as he wants to.

  • Yes it is really amazing, I was always afraid that it was gonna hurt, but when I got use to it, it turned out so much better than I thought it would. And he actuaaly starts baby food this month but so far the ones that we've tried he doesn't really care for them. But I am gonna keep trying until I can't nurse anymore. Again thank you so much for your help.

  • You can still feed with flat or inverted nipples. Read the following website for more information:
  • My son is 5months old and for the past month almost every time that I nurse him he starts to push and pull away while still latched on and I am not sure what keeps causing him to do it, at first we thought that it was because he would get distracted by something or someone so I started feeding him in another room with no one around but even in there he still did it and its really starting to hurt because when he does it he jerks away really fast and then it takes me a few tries to get him to latch back on, I am seriously to the point in which I am ready to just give up and go straight bottle, but I don't want to this because I like the bond that I get with him, so please if anyone can think of anything please tell me because I need help.

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